Top Reasons Why Students Are Choosing Digital Marketing


Find Out Why Students Are Pursuing Digital Marketing Studies in 2021

If you’re an undergraduate student or recently graduated, you may have heard of your peers studying digital marketing via various courses, webinars, workshops, and more.

The trend is increasing massively, and this article will explain why. Let’s begin by understanding what digital marketing exactly stands for.

Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a wing under the umbrella of marketing. The promotion/advertising of a product or service is done through digital channels like social media, search engines, emails, SMS, and more.

It also includes managing a company’s reputation on the Internet, creating a website, tracking and analytics, e-commerce management, and more.

Here’s a quick 45-minute Free Digital Marketing Masterclass that you can attend to learn more about digital marketing.

Moving on, here are a few reasons why almost every student in college or even graduated ones are opting to study digital marketing:

Reasons Why Students are Choosing Digital Marketing

Creative & Exciting Field

Digital marketing is a highly creative field that welcomes people from all walks of life. You could have an excellent knack for design, affluence in writing, or an analytical thinker.

There’s very little to no monotony. There’s room and opportunities for everyone. Also, this field is full of progressive young leaders and enthusiasts who make the job exciting and challenging. Today’s youth love opportunistic challenges and are inclined to engage in digital marketing.

growth in digital marketing and constant up-gradation in upskilling.

You will not be stuck doing the same thing all your life regarding digital marketing.

Start Your Career Earlier

No age restrictions are levied if one is skilled and passionate enough to make a difference. You could already be in college and working for some top companies and brands! Yes, that’s true.

Businesses love welcoming young learners with a fresh perspective and a zeal to achieve something. You can opt for a digital marketing course while your college studies are going on and start with an internship/placement immediately.

One of the biggest reasons students opt for digital marketing is that it allows them to start their careers early in life and bank on their real experiences.

Higher Job Opportunities

More & more companies are joining the bandwagon of leveraging digital marketing advantages and consequently need more skilled hands to take care of it. This means there’s an opening in all your favorite brands almost now and then.

You may never be out of work, provided you possess the right skills and constantly update yourself to align with the latest industry demands and trends. Focus on upskilling yourself to see a better growth graph.

Good Pay Scale

With greater demand and a not-so-equal supply, the salaries and stipends offered are reasonable. Internship stipends start around INR 5-10k and have increased to 25k a month in a few exceptional cases!

There have also been cases where your first-ever job could start at INR 4,00,000+ per annum.

Supplements other Skills

These skills are great value additions even if you don’t want to make digital marketing your primary career. Being digitally able and knowing it has become a necessary skill today, and a few years down the line, it will become an inevitable part.

The sooner you start, the better results you can reap. You can also freelance some digital marketing skills and make some extra bucks on the side. The freelance side of digital marketing comes with a whole new set of opportunities worth checking out.


Digital marketing is the next extensive career, and if you already have an affinity for it, this is your sign to go for it. And if you’re not sure, it’s still worth trying.

There are plenty of courses for undergraduates, with online options, too! Read more on the benefits of learning online.

And for postgraduates, top institutes now offer a comprehensive MBA in Digital Marketing Program.

I wish you all the best with your decision. If you need more information or have questions, please post them in the comments section below.

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