WhiteHat Jr Joins Forces with Child Rights and You


WhiteHat Jr is the web’s leading live, one-on-one platform for teaching computer coding and math. The company’s team recently announced an all-new partnership with the Indian non-governmental organization Child Rights and You.

You and Child Rights are committed to working toward ensuring happier childhoods for all children. The organization will partner with WhiteHat Jr., engaging with and inspiring its students to motivate them to participate in social causes.


Child Rights and You will invite students to create mobile applications designed to benefit causes centered around social impact. The organization will then certify these students for their efforts. Hopefully, these will result in a tremendous variety of real-world apps envisioned to help society create a better tomorrow.

“We receive hundreds of ideas monthly from students who want to develop mobile applications that support the underprivileged or help contribute to society,” a WhiteHat Jr representative explains. “This not-for-profit worldview for kids is particularly inspiring, and we’re delighted to partner with Child Rights and You to reinforce it,” they continued.

At its inception, Whitehat Jr. reviewed the landscape of the educational technology space and launched to transform the world’s children into creators. Through its celebrated and ever-growing curriculum, students learn logic, structure, sequence, algorithmic thinking, and more. They are then prompted to use their new skills by creating everything from animations to applications.

WhiteHat Jr Reviewed: Students Have Created Hundreds of Apps in Under Two Years.

In just the past two years alone, WhiteHat Jr students have created hundreds of mobile applications focused on themes surrounding social justice. Apps successfully developed by its students center on food and blood donations to education, elder care, and child support.

Established in 2018, WhiteHat Jr. has already organized approximately 8.5 million cumulative classes globally. The platform currently employs more than 11,000 teachers, and students from over 100 countries have signed up for its courses.

Child Rights and You, meanwhile, was founded in 1979. In the four decades since the organization has grown to work with over 100 individual nonprofits and countless other good causes across India. During this time, Child Rights and You has positively impacted the lives of over three million children.

Similar topics are central to Child Rights and You’s work, and it’s hoped that its partnership with the online learning platform will prompt more of the same. Chief among Child Rights and You’s goals is ensuring that today’s kids are more attuned and empathetic toward others. With that in mind, they’re positioned to help find solutions for a better tomorrow.