Career Guidance and Career Advice for School Leavers and Graduates


People frequently are looking for advice from experts on their fitness, investments, and how to restore their automobiles. But in terms of the largest selection of all, they struggle in silence, selecting a lifestyle/profession path.

It is not counted if you are a pupil, an active seeker, a career changer, or someone thinking about semi-retirement options. Finding a path that suits you is simply undeniable hard via yourself.

Many wish they’ll eventually fall into the right profession. Others anticipate the “billboard” second wherein their destiny existence route will suddenly flash earlier than their eyes. Does it occur? I have yet to peer a billboard with my call on it.

Studies show that the simplest 15-20% of all U.S. People are relatively happy with their contemporary jobs. Add to that fact data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which shows that the average worker now moves through 10+ jobs over the path of a career, and also you get an unsightly photo of how properly all of us do while left to our very own devices.


If many humans are pissed off and unhappy, why do they not are trying to find assistance? 3 Key Reasons People Don’t Seek Career Guidance from a Career Consultant They don’t know what professional experts really do; They don’t think they can shape it into their schedule; They’re afraid it’ll price an excessive amount. Sound acquainted? So why ought to you are trying to find the guidance of a professional representative? What a Trained Career Consultant Can Do for You


Help you assess your hobbies, strengths, talents, values, and character; Help you become aware of a career path that in reality suits you; Help you discover what can be preserving you again; Help you map out education and training steps (if needed); Help manual you in a way to market yourself (resume prep, networking, interviewing). The absolutely excellent element about the career steerage procedure is the way it makes you experience it. Stop right now and near your eyes. Check how you actually experience your current situation. How do you feel approximately thowthe next 10 years of your life are probably to unfold iifyou stay on the contemporary route?

Are you on the proper song? Are you, without a doubt, satisfied? Is your current direction the nice use of your skills? Do you experience value? Are you excited while you wake up in the morning?


Do you sense like you are drifting, boxed in, or simply scraping through every day? Are you annoyed, worrying, or even angry because you truly do not know what your subsequent step should be? If you fall into this 2d group, it’s time to get some help.

You take your automobile to an expert for a song up… Isn’t your professional course greater important than an oil trade?

How to Find A Qualified Career Consultant

A smooth manner of discovering certified professional guidance is to search online. But as you keep in mind your options, ensure that you pick out a program that lets you without a doubt communicate immediately with a profession representative – some services handiest provide e-mail alternate. Look for a career consultant or professional counselor who has a Masters’s Degree and at least 5 years of experience in professional steering. Beware of all of us who will not tell you up the front what his/her costs are. Look for a program that offers a mixture of self-exams and 1-to-1 personal career steerage. Stop waiting a billboard moment. Get the help you deserve to discover an existing direction that suits you!

What is usually concerned in a career steering session with a Junior Certificate (Age 15/sixteen) candidate? What critical elements do you take into account with the candidate? A session at this age could usually be geared at assisting college students in expanding talents such as self-management in their time, focus on their personal skills and weaknesses, observe skills and coping strategies to assist them in addressing the challenges posed with the aid of formative years. Also, selecting subjects for the Junior Cert isn’t hard. It’s miles vital for students to include Science and a present-day language as in any other case; they can seriously lessen the options available to them at a later stage.

How essential is situation choice from Junior Certificate Level going into Leaving Certificate (17/18)? Why are career guidance and professional recommendations so vital at this stage of a scholar’s profession? Subject choice from Junior Cert going into Leaving Cert is extraordinarily critical and that is the precise time for educational and career guidance. Students need facts on the implications and consequences of choosing or not choosing sure topics or a specific level e.G. Honors Irish is needed for number one faculty coaching, Honors Maths is wanted for direct access to an engineering diploma. Students additionally need to be shown the hyperlinks among unique subjects and career areas. An honor in honors Maths, as an example, is wanted for 95 honors diploma programmers. To this degree, hobby inventories, studying style checks, and focus gear can also be very useful in assisting students select topics.

What is typically involved in a career guidance consultation with a graduates candidate? A traditional career guidance consultation with a student in Leaving Certificate could begin by chatting to the pupil approximately their pursuits and pursuits and circle of relatives background, their desires, aspirations, and their training up to now. Then searching for the subjects the pupil is reading and how they are progressing and whether or not they are happy with the tiers they’re taking subjects at. It is crucial if a student is going to drop from honors to the Ordinary degree that they do not leave it until a previous couple of minute and that they are aware of the results a trade-in level may additionally have. We might then together try and predict the factors that the pupil is in all likelihood to acquire with a range from best-case scenario to worst.


The subsequent level of the procedure is to perform an interesting stock and skills assessment. The goal right here is to help the students your self-consciousness. Many college students additionally do aptitude tests in faculty and the outcomes of these also can assist students yourself cognizance or if necessary flair exams can be performed. You then sit down and take a look at the outcomes of the numerous exams and the students’ aspirations and collectively begin mapping out feasible avenues open to the student for in addition study. It is critical for the scholar to manipulate their adventure and consequently spend time giving them the important tools for self-directed studies.

Many college students might have a follow-upp session frequently a few months late,r which might raise awareness about making their college packages and overlaying all alternatives. Here we might study college entry requirements, path entry requirements, and factors. It is critical that scholars best practice for publications that they have got researched. The biggest purpose of scholar dropout at 0.33 level is college students now not information what their route is set and what subjects they’ll be reading. It is vital that they’ve examined the entire syllabus for every route they follow too. The subsequent maximum essential aspect is to use for the publications you want in the order you want them no longer according to how many points it took college students last year.

Leaving Certificate:

How do you diagnose what career path is pleasant for a Leaving Certificate student? Do psychometric exams and interest exams provide route for each the profession guidance counselor and the candidate? Career steering is just that steering. You can’t diagnose what profession course is pleasant for each person,n but you may guide them in knowing their abilities and offer themh the gear for self-directed research. You can assist them to discover strengths and understand regions that want development. Psychometric exams and interest assessments are simply beneficial gear that helps offer direction for the counselor and the patron. However, they have to never be considered on their personal.