College Essays That Get Accepted By Top Universities


College essay writing is not an easy task. You will have to do some research before writing the essay. In addition to the college essays that get accepted by top universities, many other college essays get rejected. Hence, you need to know how to write a college essay that gets taken.

You’ve spent hours upon hours writing an essay guaranteed to get you into the college of your dreams. So what happens when you get rejected by your dream school? Can you do anything to ensure you get into that next college?

Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it?” Well, this is true of your college essays.

Many students have told me that their essays were good, but they didn’t get the results they wanted because their papers were too generic. Generic means the same thing to all schools, and that’s why your essays aren’t getting you into the college of your dreams.

In this blog post, we will discuss the steps to writing an essay that is accepted by top universities and colleges.

You will have to write many different types of essays during college. The best article is easy to read and gives the reader a great first impression of the author. This type of essay can impact your future. Here are some tips on writing a piece for top universities.

What colleges look for in college essays

As you may know, the application process for most schools has become more competitive in recent years. Most schools no longer accept students based solely on grades and test scores.

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They also examine your work experience, academic performance, extracurriculars, and other factors. This has made the application process more competitive, and you must do your homework.

Let’s go through the steps you must take to ensure your college essay is the best.

Best college essay topics

While a generic essay won’t get you into your dream school, a topic that is too specific could cause you to miss out on a better opportunity.

As a student, you should always seek a topic unique to your circumstances. For example, if you are applying to Harvard, you must find a relevant topic for the school.

There are many different topics you can write about. However, there are three that you will need to avoid.

The first is a personal story. You’ve probably heard this one before, but the problem is that you can’t make up an exciting story about yourself. You’ll need to learn about yourself and explain why your story is interesting.

Another type of topic you should avoid is a career-related topic. It would be best if you were not trying to promote a career or a job. Instead, it would help if you wrote about a topic that relates to your life outside your career.

Finally, it would help if you avoided a controversial topic. You need to find a topic that interests you and then research it. You don’t need to write about a social or original issue. Instead, it would help if you wrote about something relevant to your experience and knew the best topics.

Why college essays are different

College essays are different from most other kinds of academic writing. They must be precise because they are often written for college admissions. This is because they are usually used to rank you against a large pool of applicants.

Unlike a business or research paper, you must detail the top-level topic and specific information.

Also, it is essential to note that the admissions committee wants to see you as a whole person, not just a piece of a giant puzzle.

This is why you should avoid using words such as “I,” “we,” and “you,” as this can lead to the impression that you are only interested in yourself.

Also, avoid clichés and overused phrases. These are things that everyone says, and the admissions committee will see them as generic.

Get Started Writing Your College Essays

First, you need to know that your college essay should be your best work yet. Don’t rush it. It would help if you wrote it in a way that gives you the most room for error.

Your goal is to write something that will help you get into the school of your choice. If you can’t write a killer college essay, you probably won’t get into the school of your choice.

You might think you have no idea how to write a good college essay. But you don’t have to. You need to follow these steps.

Tips on writing a great college essay

Your first step is to pick a major. Your goal is to select a major that you’re passionate about. By choosing a major that you’re passionate about, you are much more likely to show passion and enthusiasm throughout the process.

Don’t choose something that you’re not passionate about. If you don’t love your major, you won’t be able to discuss it in your essay.

Once you’ve decided on a major, you must decide on a topic. Your topic is the focus of your college essay.

The best topics are ones that you are interested in. If you’re interested in the subject, you’re more likely to express your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Tell us about your college essay.

A: My essay discusses how I am so glad I chose my major because it allows me to travel to different places and do amazing things.

Q: Is your essay for any specific university?

A: I’m applying to Ivy League schools and top public universities in the country.

Q: How did you write your essay?

A: I write all my essays on a computer and use an application called Scrivener. The key is to keep writing even if you’re not writing about what you wrote. The more practice you get, the better writer you become.

Q: How can you write an excellent essay for a top school like Harvard or Stanford?

A: You need to clearly articulate your interests in your major and show why you want to be there.

Top Myth about College Essays

1. The essay must be more than 500 words.

2. An essay must be very well written.

3. The essay topic should be interesting to the reader.

4. The most important thing for college essays.


College applications are stressful enough without having tworryinghether or not. You’re you willo the school of your dreams. And to top it all off, you must write a killer essay.

If you’re like most people, you’ll probably have to look into applying to a few schools. Here are a few tips to help you get accepted into the college of your choice.