AP Govt according to pinnacle precedence to training


On Monday, the twenty-sixth National Children’s Science Congress 2018, Andhra Pradesh, ‘Science Expo-2018’, concluded on a grand note. The topic of the technological know-how expo turned into ‘Technology and innovations for the Clean, Green and Healthy u. S .’.

AP Assembly Speaker Kodela Siva Prasada Rao, who was the leader visitor on a concluding day, stated, “The green surroundings are welcoming us the moment we input KLU campus

he government faculties are competing with non-public schools, and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is giving top priority to education and generation through the State is going through financial problems, the Speaker said. The authorities delivered digital classrooms, he stated.

Stating that young people are the spine of the U. S ., he stated that India has the biggest youth population internationally. He said students’ skills could be acknowledged simply by teachers. If humans executed recognition at the global level in the simplest manner, they would have top simple schooling on the college stage.

AP Govt according to pinnacle

LSS Reddy, Vice-President of KLU, said approximately 17 projects were decided on from 167 projects, and those selected projects can be sent to national-stage competitions in Bhubaneswar. He expressed happiness after seeing the exhibition and the projects of the scholars. He also counseled students to paint difficult paintings to get excellent recognition at the countrywide competitions in Bhubaneswar. Prizes have been disbursed to the winners at the event.

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 Govt according to pinnacle

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