Writing an Analytical Essay Using a Model: Forsyth’s Hero Journey, “Whispering Wind”


Writing an essay that analyzes a chunk of literature can be hard for college students in middle and high college unless they have a stable grip on organizing their ideas first. I actually have discovered that modeling the conduct I want from my college students outcomes in extra achievement in moving them from a blank sheet of paper to a probably interesting piece of writing. One challenge that I provide them, after studying a number of hero adventure pieces of literature, is to write about the relationship between the picture of the inmost cave, or the stomach of the whale, and the archetypal motif of lifestyles/loss of life/rebirth. I then ask them to look at a pattern essay I’ve written the use of a tale they have now not read or will now not be analyzing in writing.

By the time students arrive in my magnificence, they’ve already had an introduction to the primary five-plus paragraph subject, and so we turn to sprucing abilities with practicing the logical fluency of paragraph improvement using point-instance-observation.


Below I’ve divided the essay into its components the manner I provide it to college students, explaining and modeling the contents of the creation, body, and conclusion.

Before college students put together to jot down in elegance, I ask them to read the following causes, paying close interest to every part of the essay that follows.

Title of Essay

Rebirth from the Inmost Cave: Frederick Forsyth’s Whispering Wind

Organizational Outline

• Organization: The creation includes several sentences that construct to the thesis, which explains how something concrete can illustrate an abstract photograph or idea.Essay

• Development of body paragraphs: Each paragraph movements from point to example to the commentary. Although I actually have labeled the sentences factor-example-commentary, you will no longer want to do this for your final draft essay. Keep sentences collectively in paragraph shape. Notice that I frequently use more than one sentence to explicit the factor, the instance, and the remark.

• Conclusion: The conclusion starts with the thesis rewarded, a reminder to the reader of the focal point of the paper. More than a precise, the very last paragraph of this version closes with a generalization, a possibility of peering an extended reality approximately the ancient archetypal symbol of the cave and its connection to rebirth.

The Essay:


1. The archetypal lifestyles/loss of life/rebirth motif, so often determined in literature, illustrates and explains the adventure of the hero.

2. As the hero is dwelling his normal existence within the international of the commonplace day, he’s unexpectedly known as to an adventure.

Three. Having familiar the challenge, he crosses the threshold right into the world surprising and complete of risk, the use of all his assets to survive the challenges and exams he ought to go through.

Four. One such individual, Ben Craig in Frederick Forsyth’s novella Whispering Wind, seeks a treasure, the lady he loves, even supposing it means sacrificing his life, possibly a good more treasure.

Five. Finally, Ben Craig completes the hero journey via his very own demise and rebirth in a cave excessive in the mountains of Montana.


Point 1: Ben’s name to adventure, rescuing the daughter of Cheyenne Chief Tall Elk from Custer’s plundering, marauding squaddies, will become extra complex when he falls in love together with her and they run away to a cave within the mountains.

Example: This cave will be the region of his rebirth two times.

Commentary: As Joseph Campbell points out, inside the innermost part of the inmost cave, the hero symbolically and occasionally literally dies so that he may also stand up from the lifeless and be reborn.

Point 2: When a shaman, a holy guy inside the tribe, suddenly appears on the cave and tells Ben he should surrender Whispering Wind due to the fact she is promised to some other, she leaves and Ben goes to sleep for 100 years.

Example: He needs to give up the handiest female he has ever loved, however earlier than his long death-like sleep, the shaman tells Ben they will be together once more.

Commentary: This assurance tips of the promise of renewal, the rebirth of the hero.

Point three: Ben’s walking is the primary prevalence of rebirth, and he rides down the mountain to a historical simulation of a citadel so real he believes it’s miles still 1876.

Example: His life at the fortress in what is now 1976 brings Whispering Wind, a faculty trainer named Linda Pickett, back to him when she accompanies her elegance to the citadel for a subject experience.

Commentary: New problems emerge. Linda is engaged to be married to the son of the evil Braddock, whose electricity can wreck her own family and emotionally blackmail Linda into going via with a wedding to his son, in spite of her love for Ben.

Point 4: Ben fights these demons, boldly rescues Linda from her dilemma, and takes her returned to the cave as his wife.

Example: Ben, but, is not lengthy supposed for this global. A blizzard and snowy mountain avalanche bury the Braddock seek birthday celebration, and Linda, freezing and close to death inside the cave, is rescued through the sheriff.

Commentary: Having predicted the reader to drop disbelief, Forsyth makes Ben’s loss of life occur 100 years earlier, in 1876, and now the sheriff reveals his stays out of doors the cave. Braddock and his guys do now not live on the hurricane, and Linda’s family is unfastened from the detrimental strength he held over her own family. Linda famous she is wearing Ben’s infant, the very last boon of his heroism from the grave.


1. It is not via accident or random choice that Forsyth chooses a cave, the symbolic womb because the putting for the hero Ben Craig’s rebirth.

2. Not once, but two times Ben leaves the cave a changed guy, the primary time from a protracted sleep and the second one through the kid his cherished Whispering Wind-Linda Pickett-will bear. He loses his lifestyles every time, simplest to be reborn from the cave.Forsyth's Hero Journey

Three. The existence has been lived and the obstacles and ogres destroyed. The sacrifices have been made, and as the hero earns new life, he brings it to others as properly. Ben’s reward is the elixir, the treasure of renewed existence that he bestows on folks that stay.

4. Once more, as even the conventional testimonies of the past continue to remind us, Forsyth’s Whispering Wind enables the reader to see the reflection of humanity, the inmost caves of our own trials of fear and desperation that, when consciously conquer ultimately, can bring victory and a regeneration of the spirit.

Similar to the writing of fiction, the craft of essay writing depends on the author making the reader see what she sees in her mind’s eye. Before students spend time on diction or mechanics, I ask them to organize their thoughts, a crucial step so that it will not simplest allow the reader to follow the course through the traces of questioning within the essay, but also allow the author to communicate with more ease and much less tension.