Why Indian Science Lagged Behind Western Science?


Science is the examine of theory, its verification via statement and experimentation to affirm the ones observations inside the context of the idea. If the theory is verifiable via an test and a meticulous remark then it is a hit otherwise no longer. Science consists of numerous areas of take a look at like physics, chemistry, arithmetic and so on. Science is ardour of West but the fact is that it has its roots in India also. It might now not be incorrect to investigate the reasons approximately why India lagged at the back of while the West improved ahead to left India at the back of in Science.

Why Indian science lagged behind the Western technology and why Western technological know-how is greater superior and actual? Indian Science progresses like whatever else thru the early years of first century to 11th century especially astronomy. While Europe was nevertheless residing in the darkish ages beneath Pope and Christianity, Indians had already made development within the arithmetic and astronomical sciences to name a few. An Indian scientist turned into the primary man or woman to quote the concept that the earth revolved round the solar and not the opposite manner spherical which become a splendid achievement made thousand years earlier than Copernicus proposed his heliocentric idea. Another Indian scientist proposed theorems on numerous geometrical figures and other mathematical proofs which seemed several years superior. It changed into India which gave the arena the idea of 0 and numbers.The numbers idea changed into given with the aid of India which was later transferred to Arab World via Arab Scholar which later handed on to Europe. After having achieved a lot top notch clinical discoveries why Indian Science lagged behind?

Indian Science in no way noticed the equal trajectory of development as visible by means of Western technological know-how in the course of the Renaissance period. The development of Science in West began by means of Newton and different scientists. Indian society became Caste-ridden.Society had strata of castes wherein each Caste had its personal hereditary profession. There had been hard strains drawn between the castes and out of those boundaries no person ought to bounce so if a service provider elegance employee do the paintings of artwork he has to do this paintings simplest even supposing he proposed a few noble mind out of his mouth some heyday changed into an intensive nonsense because it became not taken into consideration his career. Brahmans had been the only privileged elegance to have some say in intellectual subjects at the same time as others training have been left devoid of this kind of privilege. So in a way there was now not such improvement of technology turned into feasible in ancient India where there has been no freedom of change of mind and thoughts. Once medical development got broke in eleventh century A.D. It couldn’t were kept up in the later years.Indian Science

Invention of printing press passed off best in thirteenth century no longer in India but in China. It changed into surely a misfortune for India that it was no longer invented earlier. Paper is extra effective medium of storing understanding and passing in this understanding to destiny generations, thereby building at the beyond know-how. The Indian historical scientists (as before stated names) could not have been capable of achieve this. The understanding once created might have been lost forever and couldn’t be saved in a dependable and compact ebook. In assessment western technology whilst in its nascent degrees inside the fourteenth century may want to have capitalized on the opportunity as paper turned into already invented. So a scientist like Newton or Copernicus or Galileo ought to have exceeded such know-how within the form of books. What might have befell if Newton couldn’t have handed his knowledge in shape of e-book referred to as the Principia of mathematics or Copernicus could now not have published his paintings of heliocentric theory? Certainly western technology could not have stepped forward because it did. This expertise in form of books may be then be used by future scientists to similarly the development of the western science. Invention of paper can’t be referred to as the only purpose for Indian science to not to have stepped forward. There are some greater reasons which wishes research as what become the real cause for Indian Scientific notion that originated round fourth century B.C. Could not keep on to do what western science has accomplished.


The Chinese vacationer Hun-Tseng while traveling India saw well-established universities in cutting-edge Bihar. The University had well laid down monasteries and famend instructors called gurus. The students lived in monasteries and taught in areas of literature, history, technological know-how and many others. There turned into a right medium of coaching and verbal exchange among the guru and the student. Many scholars visited University from numerous countries to research better education. There have been some well-known teachers. Another University in current Pakistan changed into additionally a brilliant center of gaining knowledge of in north-western part of India. These have been extraordinary institutes of mastering and might have been first-rate harbinger for cultivation of cutting-edge clinical thought for Indian inside the coming time and could have placed the usa on pinnacle of the pile in phrases of scientific achievements and other understanding frontiers. But what happened to such nicely-installed facilities of learning. The answer to this curious query is India become a searching floor for plunderers. India changed into a wealthy country at that time with massive wealth in shape of gold and other precious adorns. Many plunderers from North West invaded India and destroyed its nicely established institutions such as the colleges. There were invasions which created new rulers specifically of barbaric nature who wanted to ruin such set up gaining knowledge of structures and desired to lay their own technique of management of the kingdom. The ruins of awesome Indian Universities advocate how they were given destroyed by using these invasions of loot and destruction. Once destroyed these systems of gaining knowledge of couldn’t be established on big-scale however prevailed on small-scale. Although those centers of leaning had been not just like the present day university device of west but they do had the potential to grow to be super facilities of learning. Western Science stepped forward with the useful resource of the universities system. These had been the temples of higher mastering wherein scholars ought to do research and post their works. This device of universities will be taken into consideration as backbone of western technological know-how with out which progress of technological know-how couldn’t have been feasible. Indian science could not have flourished without this schooling device which is obvious and practical concept. So in a sense absence of such centers of gaining knowledge of turned into one of the determining factors for Western technological know-how having been triumphed while the Indian technology which commenced so early could not had visible the intense day.


The damaged string of the medical idea after the eleventh century A.D. Can be seen within the reigns of famous rulers like Akbar. There were specialists in literature, song and different arts however no longer even a unmarried professional on technology. Besides that there has been no longer any good sized paintings on science written that can advise that medical temper prevailed at that time. Although there have been sufficient works of arts like track, literature that could be mentioned without problems. The rulers within the West had professionals like Leonardo Da Vinci in Italy and Tyco Brahe was humans whose works changed western science. Presence of such geniuses within the courts of rulers suggests how western scientific concept become given recognize by rulers at that point when western technology turned into simply flourishing. So in a manner ruling aristocracy performed a outstanding position in development of Western technology in an oblique way with the aid of encouraging the students of such calibers to keep their work by using supplying the economic help. In India the scenario turned into completely exclusive and as a consequence you can actually do not forget that Science become entirely forgotten and the even though of its progress in this sort of state of affairs changed into out of query.

Science requires innovations just like the steam engine or any other paintings of technology. The Indian weather isn’t always so harsh and intense compared to the western nations in which cold and cruel weather demanded invention of technology. The requirement for garments demanded invention of machines and other gadgets. Indian whether or not being suitable did no longer demand any invention of technology. So climatic situations have been also had role to play. The demand to go lengthy distances in harsh British wintry weather brought about the Invention of steam engine. The demand for garments and other articles of use brought about the establishments of factories. While in India the home call for of garments, utensils and different objects got fulfilled by means of small organizations of personal artists and employees who specialized in a selected paintings of art. Western Science

The medical discoveries happened in shape of patches of medical discoveries however there has been no clear trajectory of the progress of Indian science. The trajectory could have persisted and completed but it broke in between through the elements as already cited like castes, the breakup of the college machine, royal patronage, climate, printing invention. In a way, these factors advise that Indian technological know-how could not have improved as western science stepped forward. So in the end social, political and financial structural variations honestly made Indian technological know-how lagged at the back of the Western Science.