Two Tier Education System For Higher Technical Education in India



With ever increasing use of era and the net in India and ever growing demand and want for increasing the coverage of Higher Technical Education there’s a extensive scope of introducing generation in the way the Higher Technical Education is imparted in India. In contemporary surroundings on the whole the strategies hired are exertions intensive, restricted to elegance room interaction, get admission to to which isn’t available to college students on the occasion of they missing out the instructions due to certain motives. In addition there are difficulties in explaining and demonstrating the complicated topics concerning three-dimensional figures/models. More over it is an normal truth that it’s miles difficult for the students to concentrate on a topic in a typical study room surroundings for more than approximately 20 minutes. The fine of college students have often been located to be losing awareness after approximately 20 minutes of classroom teaching which more often than not will become monotonous in conventional magnificence in which instructor mainly lodges to at least one manner transmission with out initiating interactive dialogue. Though interactive periods offer little improvement however it isn’t always continually viable to initiate the interaction till the time the students have advanced certain degree of know-how of fundamental standards and completely understand the prerequisite required for an average route.


In order to improve teaching studying method, it is vital that we pass beyond the boundaries of the study room and stuck timetable limits. The coaching fabric needs to be introduced to the scholar at a time, pace and place which presents best studying environment for him. This may additionally have a lot of variants depending on person college students needs. The EDUSAT software launched on the initiative of the government has also no longer executed the favored success even though big numbers of terminals had been mounted throughout India and satisfactory of Professors are delivering lectures in real time surroundings. The root reason of failure may be attributed to the fact that it is still now not getting out of an ordinary magnificence room environment. Though digital lecture rooms have been created however nevertheless it’s far constrained to formalities of a study room.India

Use of technology in improving the teaching mastering procedure usually termed as Educational Technology – additionally known variously as e-getting to know, instructional generation and studying era – is using era to aid the enhancement of mastering manner. It impacts upon the getting to know procedure, e.G. In turning in getting to know materials, facilitating conversation and offering assessment and feedback. This era can efficiently be used to enhance and supplement the study room coaching wherein the material is once more made to be had to the scholar at a time, pace and place that is best suitable for his wishes. It will fill in the blanks which he must have drawn even as he turned into within the classroom and couldn’t clarify his principles due to positive motives. More ever certain different such things as tutorials, tests, assignments and so on also can treated efficiently online thereby saving the valuable time of the able school participants which may be used for other greater useful sports.

Course management systems (CMSs), that are on-line systems, have been designed and developed to guide study room learning in instructional settings, together with universities and different Educational Institutes. CMSs offer teachers with the capability to perform the subsequent responsibilities:

• Place route materials online. Most CMSs offer pre-programmed buttons for the course syllabus, route schedule, and route materials related to unique instructions, which includes copies of readings and PowerPoint slides from lectures.

• Track scholar progress through evaluation functions, which permit instructors to offer quizzes and checks online, and an internet grade ebook, in which teachers can put up student grades.

• Discussion board, where instructors and students can discuss readings and keep magnificence discussions among formal class sessions.

• Other communications equipment, which let teachers send announcements to instructions and speak for my part with students.

• Lock box for college kids, in which college students can shop elegance materials in a secure area-both a presentation to offer later in class or backing up elegance assignments in a secure place.


• Course information, which provide facts on using the course website, consisting of who used the course website and while.

• Examples of CMSs include the commercial merchandise Blackboard and WebCT, and the open supply device like Moodle.


With ever growing need for automation within the schooling machine and the Government having decided to go for decentralization in Higher Technical Education in a huge manner there was mushrooming boom of Engineering Institutions throughout India. Good school individuals with thorough understanding of fundamental through superior subjects are hard to find. With the present day gadget of the school resources being utilized simplest for the benefit of the students enrolled in the Institute/University using the concerned school, the scarce sources aren’t being applied optimally. With the present day developments and availability of Information Technology gear it can be viable to proportion the wealthy studies of the prominent school assets of positive key institutions in an ordinary University by means of other inexperienced faculty members of the same college engaged in teaching similar or identical subjects.

The basic idea may be to introduce two-tier device within the higher technical training. The first tier will involve a non-stop and steady effort made to educate and train the fresh and inexperienced faculty participants by means of using actual time interaction with a collection of skilled faculty members located at a middle of excellence. This will contain introduction of a “Nodal Center of Excellence” for every of the route being supplied by way of the University. Such nodal center will design and expand a path through the usage of the first-rate appropriate and easy to operate equipment to be had in route control structures to perfection. This course will compulsorily be subscribed to by using all school members engaged in teaching equal direction all at some stage in the University. They can proportion the understanding available on the nodal center and also clarify the intricacies of the subjects on a day to day basis as the path advances inside the semester.

The 2d tier of the machine will involve Individual teachers who’re already subscribed to the primary tier discussed above. Such teachers will run their very own direction management structures for the advantage of the scholars attending their lectures.

In this way all the middle of excellence established anywhere may be shared via all of the institutes affiliated to the university and additionally the college campus colleges. This will result in:-

• Uniformity in the coverage of the syllabus and its standardization.

• Discovering the inability of the syllabus and a not unusual platform for discussing the identical for future revision.

• Clarification of the primary through superior principles via the chatting/tools offered via involved selected provider of the CMS.

• Standardization and sharing of the grading and evaluation of the scholars without tremendous variant shape trainer to teacher.

• Moderation of the grading centrally.

• Readily available standardized path fabric which may be advanced via networking of teachers sharing identical challenge within the college but at unique establishments.

• Standardization of reference books and the topics to be covered.

• Standardization of the depth of man or woman subjects to be protected for each concern.

• Typical standardization of query financial institution.

• Development of reference standard observe fabric on the center of excellence which can be shared with the aid of all different institutions.

• Automation of educational submission, FAQ solutions, question paper technology, and reaction to in advance similar question asked.
• Provision of authenticated links to related and beneficial cloth for in addition better study for studies.

The System can be Implemented in those steps:

Conceive, design and increase a two-tier education machine based on nodal idea of center of excellence in Engineering Education (Higher technical education) typical to Indian Universities by choosing the excellent suitable equipment presented with the aid of Course Management Systems (CMS) to be had and demonstrate the viability of the idea.

(1) Step one:

(a) Identify the critical and desirable features which should be supplied by means of the nodal middle of excellence, in normal Indian University environment, to make it effective in sharing and updating its assets.

(b) Carry out Comparative examine of the to be had path management systems global huge and selecting the first-class suitable gadget for this motive.

(2) Step Two: Developing a comprehensive module in decided on route which have to ideally assist following functions:-

(a) Learning Tools

• Book marking

• Student Area

• Library and Information Access

• Annotation

• Glossary

• Course Index/Search Engine

• Learning Exemplars/Guidance

• Access to Grades

• Student Guide

• Self-Assessment Exercises

• Study Skill Building

• Student Web Pages

(b) Collaboration Tools

• Discussion Options

• File Sharing

• Work Group Areas

(c)Faculty Tools

• Course Planning, Design, Templates

• Automated Glossary

• Automated Course TOC/Index/Search Engine

• File Management

• Instructor Guide/Course Exemplars

• Web Search Tools

• Multimedia Capability

(d)Course Management

• Course Pages

• Student Management

• Automatic scholar task reminders (presently none of the CMS offer this presently)

• Course Archive/Backup/Replication

• Course Revision

• Online Help/FAQs

• Administration Tools

• Automated Registration

• Security

• Student Transcript

(3) Step Three: Implementing the nodal concept of middle of excellence in real time and initiate the system for demonstration functions.

Milestones finished

The Nodal concept has widely been carried out in service, telecommunication and restore & protection enterprise wherein positive nodal facilities are created with all of the facilities and expertise to be had at an effortlessly handy region which may be accessed by using the prospective customers. In telecommunications wherein, certain communique nodes are created and users can hook on to those nodes for getting the preferred offerings. In schooling gadget, the concept has extensively been implemented in numerous admission control structures and site offerings.

The concept of creating the Nodal center of excellence has been experimented in India by using EDUSAT which is based totally on real-time lectures in digital school room environment. However it has not invoked a great deal enthusiasm. The root motive for this will be attributed to the reality that the lecture has a tendency to be monologue and isn’t at an area, pace and time as can be required by way of the perspective learner. More over it lacks personal touch among the instructor and the students. The proposed two-tier system of education regarding nodal idea is intended to supplement the lecture room coaching. It might be designed to optimize the touch time between the trainer and college students in a manner that the most important tings are attended to all through the contact length and matters of lesser importance may be attended to with the aid of the path management device like tutorials, class checks, assignments and so forth.

This idea can be associated with the provider industry where in a nodal point, which may be termed as centre of excellence, is set up which caters to the education wishes of service engineers who’re placed all over the operational areas. These provider engineers in turn offer service to the customers. In case they discover they may be not capable of cope with the hassle they consult the nodal point for further advice. Almost equal concept is implemented in case of protection support furnished by using maximum of the businesses for maintenance cover supplied to their clients.Higher Technical Education

The defense forces are recognized to had been the usage of multi-tier device for their schooling, preservation and restore wishes, though their gadget isn’t automatic the nodal idea is properly set up. In the proposed gadget we intend to apply the two-tier system with automation by using Course Management Systems.

Lt Col Anil Nigam is a telecom professional with more than 30 years of experience in diverse fields of management, challenge control, and Teaching. Received the in-depth education in telecommunications discipline. This becomes supplemented with area revel in significantly labored within the field of Telecom and Education for over 30 years. Had been head of an assignment force for the provision of communication in Ladakh vicinity all through the outbreak of hostilities and turned into actively worried in improvement & deployment of tremendously cell Area Grid Mobile Communication System advanced for Indian military related to switching equipment, Radio Relay, Radio, Satellites and different diverse media. Currently serving as Professor with Institute of Technology and Management, Gurgaon, India which is considered as one of the main Engineering Institute in North India. He is also active inside the place of character improvement