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Two Tier Education System For Higher Technical Education in India

July 18, 2018



With ever increasing use of generation and the internet in India and ever growing call for and want for increasing the insurance of Higher Technical Education, there is a huge scope of introducing generation within the way the Higher Technical Education is imparted in India. In today’s environment ordinarily, the techniques hired are labor intensive, restricted to magnificence room interaction, get entry to which isn’t always to be had to college students in the event of they lacking out the training because of certain reasons. In addition, there are problems in explaining and demonstrating the complex topics related to three-dimensional figures/models.

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More over it’s far an popular truth that it’s miles tough for the scholars to concentrate on a subject in an ordinary classroom environment for greater than about 20 mins. The high-quality of students have regularly been determined to be losing attention after about 20 mins of lecture room teaching which on the whole turns into monotonous in conventional class in which trainer ordinarily inns to one manner transmission without initiating interactive dialogue. Though interactive classes provide little development but it isn’t constantly feasible to initiate the interaction till the time the students have advanced certain degree of information of fundamental principles and absolutely understand the prerequisite required for a standard direction.



In order to enhance teaching learning process, it’s far crucial that we go beyond the limits of the classroom and glued timetable limits. The teaching material must be introduced to the student at a time, pace, and location which affords nice mastering surroundings for him. This may additionally have a lot of versions relying on character students needs. The EDUSAT application released on the initiative of the authorities has additionally no longer carried out the preferred fulfillment although massive numbers of terminals have been established throughout India and first-rate of Professors are turning in lectures in actual time environment. The root cause of failure can be attributed to the fact that it’s far still no longer getting out of a normal class room environment. Though virtual lecture rooms were created nevertheless it is limited to formalities of a school room.

Use of generation in enhancing the coaching studying technique typically termed as Educational Technology – additionally recognized variously as e-gaining knowledge of, academic technology and getting to know era – is the usage of generation to assist the enhancement of learning process. It affects upon the getting to know the procedure, e.G. In handing over gaining knowledge of substances, facilitating communication and presenting evaluation and remarks. This generation can efficaciously be used to beautify and supplement the school room teaching wherein the cloth is all over again made to be had to the pupil at a time, tempo, and region that is nicely appropriate for his desires. It will fill the blanks which he must have drawn even as he was inside the lecture room and could not clarify his principles due to positive motives. More ever positive other things like tutorials, exams, assignments and many others also can handle correctly on line thereby saving the treasured time of the competent faculty members which may be used for other extra beneficial sports.

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With ever increasing want for automation inside the training system and the Government has determined to go for decentralization in Higher Technical Education in a big way there was a mushrooming increase of Engineering Institutions throughout India. Good school individuals with thorough knowledge of fundamental via superior topics are difficult to discover. With the contemporary device of the faculty assets being utilized handiest for the benefit of the scholars enrolled with the Institute/University employing the concerned school, the scarce resources are not being applied optimally. With the current traits and availability of Information Technology tools, it may be possible to proportion the wealthy reviews of the distinguished school assets of positive key institutions in an ordinary University by using different green faculty participants of the identical university engaged in teaching comparable or equal subjects.

The fundamental concept might be to introduce two tier device in the better technical training. The first tier will contain a non-stop and constant attempt made to teach and educate the fresh and inexperienced faculty contributors via using actual time interplay with a set of experienced faculty contributors placed at a middle of excellence. This will contain introduction of a “Nodal Center of Excellence” for each of the course being offered by using the college. Such nodal middle will layout and expand a direction through the use of the pleasant appropriate and simple to function equipment available in course management systems to perfection. This route will compulsorily be subscribed to by all faculty members engaged in teaching the same path all in the course of the University. They can percentage the know-how available at the nodal center and additionally make clear the intricacies of the topics on a day after day foundation as the direction advances within the semester.


Educational Trends – Heavily Negative, Sprinkled Positive

The beyond two a long time have brought many changes to the sector of training, some of it wonderful, a lot of it negative. Regarding the latter, possibly the maximum telling is that the United States maintains to fall at the back of different countries in technology, reading, and math. There are many elements which might be contributing to this downfall. For instance, there remains a wide socioeconomic hole with increasingly more students in poverty. Impoverished college students can not be anticipated to learn if their fundamental desires aren’t met. Just as an opening in socioeconomic popularity is widening, so is the success hole. Minority students tend to lag at the back of their friends in lecturers.

Politicians have not made the U.S. Education device any better. For example, politicians and supporters of the No Child Left Behind Act heavily sell standardized assessments. Standardized assessments perpetuate grouping, such that lower socioeconomic students are tracked in decrease-reaching clusters. Standardized exams encourage rote studying rather than deeply studying principles.

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Many politicians are insistent upon getting rid of instructors’ rights. For instance, many politicians want advantage pay for instructors. Merit pay does no longer think about the natural composition of lessons. In different phrases, a few training inherently have decrease attaining students. Therefore, test scores might be lower and consequently lower pay. A similar example of being against instructor rights is what befell recently in Wisconsin. Its governor struck down collective bargaining, efficaciously doing away with higher operating conditions and tenure. If the U.S. Follows in this fashion, the U.S. Can’t be anticipated to preserve and hire extraordinary instructors.

The weakening financial system has been detrimental to schooling. Many applications were reduced or reduced, inclusive of overseas languages. Cutting foreign language schooling is silly as languages assist us to compete in a global marketplace. Other nations mandate that scholars examine a second language from the youngest of a long time, the U.S. Lags at the back of. Furthermore, class length has multiplied. Student to teacher ratio has gotten worse, growing havoc for teachers and much less personal time with college students.

Another aspect greatly affecting schooling is that of technology. Technology has been each a blessing and a curse. Regarding the curse, technology may additionally play a function in widening the success gap. Those who are lower socioeconomically have less get admission to the generation. Technology is a significant expense for districts. Thanks to era consisting of cameras on telephones and texting, student dishonest has ended up greater state-of-the-art and tougher to catch.

Regarding the benefits of technology, college students can research subjects at the frenzy of a button. Never before has studied about any subject matter being as without problems handy. Computer applications help college students study new abilities. Computer applications for teachers permit educators diverse lesson plans and help to as it should be kept grades.

A beneficial academic motion, man or woman schooling, is in response to a terrible fashion, societal incivility. Character training is college-extensive efforts to teach college students approximately being a part of a community by way of encouraging nice individual trends, e.G. Honesty, trustworthiness, perseverance, hard paintings, and so on.

Education will in no way be quick of tendencies. Education is a reflection of society and vice versa. As referred to above, incivility created character training. Technology creates diverse gaining knowledge of experiences. The positives are blended with the negatives. It can also seem that the negatives vastly outnumber the positives. This may be the case, however, through the years, trends can alternate. Let’s desire trends will over again desire the U.S. So we are able to once more be the chief in training.


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