Top Five Benefits Of Music Lessons


Parents really appreciate their kids learning and growing in various fields. They wish for their children to do well in studies as well as co-curricular activities. Overall development of a child is very important which exposes them to a variety of activities.

Usually dance and music are a very preferred choice of children when it comes to extra activities. Music itself is not just a mere hobby but it improves the performance of your child in academics and other areas. Studies have also shown that learning music makes your child more smarter.

Music allows a unique integration of body and mind which helps perform other activities also very well. Music relaxes your mind and body thereby providing you mental strength. Even it tends to lift your mood and make you feel better. There is no such right age for starting music lessons whenever you feel you want to begin with it you can pursue. Though it is recommended to start at a young age as it leads to more learning and experience.

6 benefits of music lessons for kids - TheTot

Below are top five benefits of music lessons :

  • Academic improvement : Music soothes the souls of children, freshens their minds and helps them improve their academic abilities. It makes your child more smart and diligent. Practical subjects like maths and physics require full concentration and music sharpens the mind of students and allows them to fully focus. Academic improvement allows them to achieve their best.
  • Development of skills : Instruments such as percussion demand coordination, patience and motor skills because it requires hand, arm and feet movement. Such instruments are best for high energy kids because it implies them to use that energy in the right direction. Even violin and piano require simultaneous action of right and left hand. Such instruments enable children to get comfortable in naturally uncomfortable situations. Combination of coordination and perfect timing is the key to prepare children for every activity.
  • It improves discipline and patience in children : Learning an instrument allows children to practice patience at their best. Since operating an instrument requires coordination and perfect timing which enables children to become more patience and disciplined. For example, violin and piano require constant movement of right and left hand in a simultaneous manner. Playing an instrument requires patience which students exercise while learning and it may take hours, months and years of practice before reaching a certain goal.
  • It brings joy and helps children understand different cultures : Having access to music from different parts of the world allows students to understand different cultures. It also enables them to discover various types of music belonging to different cultures. In addition to that music brings joy to the children. It calms their mind and enhances their mental strength.
  • Improves memory : In order to learn music, children are required to memorize various notes and working of an instrument. Music allows the brain to increase the capacity for all sorts of memory. It enhances their memory levels which enables them to memorize their study material easily.