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Welcome to this 21st day of October, 12-years into the 21st century. I wish thank all my online readers and radio listeners for his or her continued assist. For modern talk I will discuss many gadgets having to do with our era for home purposes; amusement, protection, education, and personal conversation. It all matters and it’s miles converting the manner we live, how we suppose, and our course ahead into the destiny. Indeed, these are all interrelated subjects which should not be always viewed as separate problems in my humble opinion.

Okay so, before we being permitted me remind you of the format here; I speak and also you pay attention, then it is going to be your turn to “like” or shout out pro or con with your personal opinion – supplied that your arguments are not pandering, preaching to the choir or mere speaking factors of a few unique political persuasion – no want to copy what is been said some other place – for this is the place for unique thinking and drilling down into the challenge be counted which affects us all whether we care to realise it or not. Fair enough? Let’s start.

Is The Internet Changing the Way We Use and Buy Dictionaries?

Not long in the past, I went to the thrift stores close by to searching for out used books. A pal of mine requested me if I ought to look for a dictionary, something he may want to use to flip-thru possibly 160,000 plus phrases, so no longer a small one, however actually now not a massive unabridged model both. Without wondering, I said, “certain, I’ll see what they have,” and then departed for my used e-book purchasing spree for the month. Generally, I find a dozen or so books to examine, broadly speaking nonfiction, but I do like all people have a few fiction series I like to study through my preferred authors.

Due to all of the new e-books and e-readers, one thing I’ve noticed is that it’s hard to find the hardbound books at the used bookstores, or thrift shops before six months when they’ve been published. Previously it turned into pretty easy to do this, but for the reason that fewer people are shopping for hardbound books, and are shopping for e-books alternatively, they may be not be sold inside the numbers they had been before. It is pretty obtrusive that some of the huge box shops had been challenged by means of this, this is to mention new e-book income, but it is also affecting the used e-book marketplace because humans which have e-books aren’t allowed to resell them later. Therefore, it’s far affecting the hand-me-down marketplace.Domestic Technologies

Now then, even as I became searching out a used dictionary for my friend I located masses of them, I could not believe what number of there had been to be had. But then again bear in mind this, increasingly more human beings are simply typing a phrase right into a seek engine which vehicle corrects spelling, after which lists on-line dictionaries. Since the majority are online all the time, and those who are writing or doing reviews for college have the Internet running in the background along with the Google seek engine, they merely “Google it” and so that they no longer want a dictionary at their table. This is why every person has donated them to the used bookstores and/or thrift shops.


Do you recall while you had been in college and also you had a writing project, and in case you requested your instructor what a word was, she told you to “look it up” due to the fact that is what dictionaries are for. Today, kids are the use of pill computer systems inside the study room for studying, so after they look something up Additionally they appearance it up on line, and consequently this habit will probably follow them nicely into adulthood. In any case allow’s speak approximately a number of the generation inside the lecture room and the way so that it will additionally affect the manner we learn, assume, and solve problems for ourselves in later life.

Technology in The Classroom – What About ADD and ADHD?

There became an interesting article in the science information from a psychologist specializing in learning problems, she made a completely interesting statement; “whilst videogames do now not cause ADD or ADHD, if a person is on the borderline, it is enough to push them over the brink,” and so, it may be stated for the average Internet surfer that spends handiest 12 to fifteen seconds on common on any web site before clicking out, or going to a distinctive web page – that they may be prone to ADD or ADHD?

What we’re doing is we’re training the eye span, and diminishing the extent of human attention with all of our eras. If we are to use the same era within the lecture room getting to know, which can appease the kids, or hold high schoolers getting to know online and doing their assignments possibly scary their curiosity with novelty, but what approximately pushing kids over the edge closer to ADD or ADHD? Do you see that point?

What approximately the challenges with human eyesight? Have you ever spent hours running on a computer project, or doing laptop work, after which attempted to refocus on some thing some distance away, or some thing very tiny like reading the label on a meals package deal? Have you noticed which you can’t do it, and you need to watch for your eyes to readjust? Much the same as taking walks into a dark room, it takes a moment to readjust.

There are many demanding situations with mastering that should do with eyesight, the common ones are; lazy eye and dyslexia, along side kids who are nearsighted who’ve hassle seeing the chalkboard or viewing the lecturer – likewise there are youngsters who’re farsighted and have a hard time analyzing, they are absolutely challenged. Not simplest is it embarrassing for them whilst reading out loud within the school room, but it often causes them nausea or they get tired easily with a read for over half-hour, which means it is hard for them to get via their schoolwork. Is our technology causing extra of these problems in our schools?

There is an impact, and that impact would no longer be zero, as a result, of the impact we’re experimenting with the subsequent era of schoolchildren? Surely, all those who make tablet computer systems and private tech gadgets for education desire to push this era into the lecture room to pressure sales and earnings. Still, will we clearly recognize what we are getting ourselves into?

Further, if the children can appearance whatever they need up on-line, they begin to trust that device or medium of schooling era. We recognize what occurs while adults start believing everything they see on TV, or what happens whilst oldsters of a positive political persuasion begin studying only matters which accept as true with them and their contemporary POV (factor of view) as they become jaded and mentally boxed-in of their political views.

If human beings believe what their teachers say, or what they analyze in college and there’s a socialist or left-leaning slant, we will have greater citizens leaning that way, likewise, if oldsters trust the Internet, and there may be any amount of filtration of content material on the serps, even by way of best one or 2% then it’s far sufficient to swing an election, and if you swing two or three elections in a row, you may end up with a distinct united states of america inside the future. People frequently word this problem with the mass media, however have they taken into consideration the Internet as it is incorporated into our training system – we cannot stop the combination, it is a part of our society, nor have to we, however we need to all be cognizant and question no longer handiest authority, however the devices which supply us information, and the software and businesses behind them – and their agendas, as they’re no longer ALL merely profit prompted.

Now then, you can honestly see that, proper? Just as TV has changed our society in many ways, maximum of them not for the higher, and it has helped human beings into a bizarre type of consumerism because of branding, advertising and marketing, and advertising. Okay so, allow’s get lower back to the political demanding situations and implications of all this in a few minutes, and as an alternative address the challenges we have with e-trade, marketing, advertising, branding, and perhaps the unethical facet of all of it on-line.

Internet Reviews and The Shrill Factory

Currently, we have a large hassle with Internet evaluations. Unfortunately, if a business gets a horrific assessment, or too many lawsuits and consumers prevent purchasing there. They agree with what they examine on the Internet, even though it changed into written by untrustworthy or unknown resources. Many times it became written through shrills or competitors trying to uplift their ratings while trashing their competitors. Why need to this wonder anybody?

It takes place all the time within the actual global with purchaser companies, or nonprofit patron bureaus. It’s happening on line, however sadly increasingly human beings trust what they examine on line, and some humans even reason that; it if every body likes it, that truth will triumph over the few negatives written by competitors posting negative feedback. Well, one trouble we’ve got is that there are groups who will submit superb reviews on line for a price through the dozen, 100s or maybe countless numbers. You see that trouble; okay, now returned to the topic of political indoctrination in our faculties.

Pre-Indoctrination Before the Vote – Religion and Socialism in Our Schools

For those who are with out religion, they duly word the indoctrination of many international religions in non-public non-secular schools, church buildings, and groups. Folks develop up believing in a sure type of philosophy, or a sure model of history, even to the factor that they select not to examine the fossil document of dinosaurs as it can not probable jive with what they’ve been informed. Therefore they simply overlook that and keep their equal perspectives.

Those who are spiritual can not understand why every body who is nonreligious thinks that the whole lot simply changed into started with a few big bang, or why they do not accept as true with in God. In reality, many spiritual folks desire to convert other people so one can recognize the reality, even though they themselves can’t prove it. When requested for evidence they certainly say; it is a reliance on faith.

When our faculties select to participate in pre-indoctrination they need to cover up real evidence, medical discovery, and maintain to play at the side of the near minded view of the world. Is that in reality gaining knowledge of? Is that definitely teaching our children to assume? Of direction, there’s sizable danger and purpose for people who are spiritual to keep to force their will onto the colleges to preserve their numbers and probabilities of our populace to serve their political will.

Indeed, the opposite side is simply as awful, as there are so many left-leaning and socialist views popping out of our excessive colleges and schools, that those graduating with college stages are two times as apt to vote for the left-leaning schedule, although it is going in opposition to primary economics and free-market capitalism which traditionally has made our country extraordinary, while socialism has destroyed economies, lives, and complete civilizations, forcing them into financial ruin.

Now then, it’s extremely good to have tablet computers and personal tech equipment and it is feasible that they may accelerate learning, it additionally saves bushes from being cut down for textbooks I assume, but although any new tool which will increase mastering, also increases the capacity to indoctrinate our students, kinds, and own family individuals, and therefore the ability to indoctrinate them quicker. If these tools are not used in the incorrect manner, they may come to be pushing a political schedule, and cause problems for our state.

When those gear are integrated into social networks, which I also have my doubts about, this is to mention I am unconvinced they’re a internet superb for our society, then we may want to have social engineering and peer stress used to indoctrinate our kids the use of these tools. Thus they may be used by both aspect to force their political schedule, whilst disguising themselves as fantastic teaching technologies. I suppose other destiny technology which include holographic simulation may be used to tell of historic occasions, where the youngsters can see and visualize what befell, such as George Washington crossing the Delaware, and they may feel as though they were there.

Holographic Simulation Training Strategies a Gargantuan Time and Efficiency Saver

Yes, there may be more comprehension the use of holographic coaching technology and it is going to be simpler for the human reminiscence of these children to uptake these facts of history, but now not if we rewrite the history, and display it aside from its reality. After all, they records we research is generally one version of what occurred, and we don’t know for certain due to the fact none people had been there if it came about over one hundred years ago. Nevertheless the kids will experience as if they have been there, consequently they are greater apt to believe some thing is displayed. This will become a high-quality venture, and it’s miles too easy for one side or the opposite to push their political agendas.

Still, I am for holographic simulation schooling, I do consider these techniques will take us, in addition, quicker into the destiny, and boom the speed of learning, which means our youngsters can study more in a shorter quantity of time with better comprehension. That’s a great aspect, however no longer if it’s misused. Humans have usually misused the equipment they have made, and it’s far human nature to blame, however, let’s now not be so naïve that instructional technologies will not be used for the same.

Rogue regimes and dictators have used indoctrination and so have fundamental religions within the coaching of youngsters. And like I stated, whilst you upload in a little bit of peer strain onto the flock, study room, troop of squaddies, or populace, it’s notable the harm you can do, if you aren’t a moral chief, or you do not have the quality intentions of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of a nice lifestyles experience in thoughts.

Another project in faculty is as we educate these youngsters and feature the generation to monitor their development along the way, we also are going to use facts mining to locate the horrific apples earlier of their disdain for authority, or for locating anomalies, along with folks who are most suitable closer to the indoctrination, the ones youngsters who have bought this system hook, line, and sinker that can now be groomed for destiny management. That too is a hassle. Further, all of this large records, and series of statistics of the whole lot that everybody does is going to have demanding situations in the future.

Not long in the past, I become discussing all this with an acquaintance, and we referred to that every people have at instances view matters on the Internet that we didn’t believe. My acquaintance had offered a Koran because he believed he should realize what he was talking approximately whilst it got here to Middle Eastern coverage. Who could deny that? Myself, I am an aviation buff, and for the duration of the Nazi regime that they had a number of the first-class aviation technologies and rocketry of the time, they have been far superior, in fact in the event that they Germany nevertheless existed nowadays stuck again in that term, that they had nonetheless been one with state-of-the-art generation.Americans

But if my friend has libertarian viewpoints and has examine the Koran will he come to be a fake high quality on a few authorities watch listing? Just due to the fact I like reviewing the plane designs of beyond durations, does that make me a neo-Nazi sympathizer? It should not, however it really is the concern we face with too many false effective records triggering events from artificial smart algorithms that are quite there yet.

Will we be doing the identical thing to our students the use of academic technology? After all, curiosity is a superb signal of high intelligence, higher learning, and of the creative genius. Something we need in our populace to progress as a state as we flow forward with such technology. Perhaps we may want to liken this to librarians who’re requested to an undercover agent on citizens. It just doesn’t seem right in a nation which prides itself on freedom and liberty.

Just Because You like Something I “Like” Doesn’t Mean I like You

Just due to the fact you “plus” something, or “like” something on-line, would not mean you really like it or experience it, you would possibly despise it, however you find it interesting, need to bookmark it, and you need different humans to recognize what you have found, perhaps they might be equally as disgusted. Speaking of which, you could sometimes like one of the topics I’m speaking about, and you could even “like” or “plus” a piece of writing or, however that doesn’t imply you want all that I even have to say, or that I like you for that count number.

Also, I’d like to factor out that if our children use these instructional technology, along side their social networks, that does not imply they may not alternate their views in the future as they examine extra facts. Who knows, our society may additionally exchange at some point and fee things that these days we assume are atrocious, or matters nowadays we discover atrocious as being treasured. Nevertheless their report will stay for all time, for his or her entire lives. That’s a long term, and the United States has in reality changed within the remaining eighty years, and we need to be careful with this. Our children aren’t terrorists, and that they should not be a part of some massive test to help goal character kids in their childhood as being difficult in the future.

That would not suggest we don’t need to apply era to assist us catch real terrorists, it is simply that we need to be very careful the standards we use, the algorithms we write, and the ambitious project of weeding out fake positives instead of simply placing people on watch lists for no reason. Just because something smells fishy, doesn’t mean that person is a shark out to hurt society. Speaking of the feel of scent, and the destiny of generation of fragrance, I’d want to bring up every other point;

Using AI Technology Plus Canine Smell for Added Synergy In Catching Illicit Shipments

University Researchers, Tech Companies, and DARPA have made splendid development with electronic sniffing devices seeing that Saddam had threatened to use WMD chemical guns on US forces, and considering the fact that 911 and afterwards with the anthrax scares. Still, these days we use dogs to smell out capsules extra frequently than now not due to the fact they’re quite developed to do this. Perhaps, this might be an thrilling paper to study:

“Urban Search and Rescue with Canine Augmentation Technology,” by means of Alexander Ferworn, Alireza Sadeghian, Kevin Barnum, Hossein Rahnama, Huy Pham, Carl Erickson, Devin Ostrom, Lucia Dell’Agnese

The summary connected to that paper said;

“The agility, experience of scent, hearing and speed of dogs is positioned to accurate use through committed dog teams involved in Search and Rescue operations. In comparison to puppies, people hear less, cannot successfully observe a heady scent and in reality sluggish the canine down whilst concerned in place searches. To mitigate this trouble the Network-Centric Applied Research Team has been working with the Police to reinforce SAR puppies with supporting technology to extend the dog’s potential region of operation.”

We do know that human beings operating with computers and generation tools generally tend to do higher than computer systems with era working alone, or human beings operating with out gear. By supplementing the canines with better tools, we can trap greater of the medicine, arms, and evil doers coming into our kingdom over our borders, via our ports, at our airports or by rail or underground tunnel.

Maybe, we should rent the technology we’ve got and use them to complement each other after which use them all collectively with mankind’s excellent buddy. Does this suggest we are able to 100% shield the American People? Unfortunately now not, however it’s far a solid line of defense, the relaxation we need to do with hyper-vigilance and a robust presence of first responders. Who may the ones first responders be? Yes, let’s speak approximately that we could?

Should Motorcycle Cops Get Special Forces Training – Yes, and Let Me Explain

There turned into an interesting set of articles in our nearby paper, The Desert Sun (Palm Desert CA), and perhaps you have seen comparable articles to your personal town in which motorcycle law enforcement officials are becoming superior first responder training. Now then, as a former street bike bike racer, I can tell you that a motorbike in heavy traffic truly has the exceptional danger of being first to any name, possibly by using as plenty as 2-three minutes depending on the area and hour of the day, for instance for the duration of rush hour site visitors.

Okay so, now you have got a motorcycle cop there first, perhaps it changed into a mass-taking pictures, possibly it is even still occurring, and you have one police officer on scene who has to have interaction the criminals, terrorists, or a shooter on his personal until back-up arrives, once more as a good deal as 2-3 minutes. What if there are multiple shooters?

This is why they may want superior tactical schooling, as they’ll or might not have the gain of Marvel on their aspect and they want to protect in addition deaths and take out the terrible guy(s). That requires rapid thinking, pre-making plans, and information to live alive on an uneven gambling area wherein the awful guys might have them out gunned, which is going on more and more because of automated weapons within the hands of criminals and drug gangs, and some distance too many citizens unarmed as a percentage of the population to guard themselves you notice?

Interestingly enough, as I am talking, these days, in reality, there has been a terrible capturing in a very first-class suburban location of Milwaukee, Bloomfield WI, where a suspect went right into a Day Spa and gunned down three human beings in bloodless blood. What if a site visitors cop on a motorcycle gets a name from dispatch like that? He rides up and is without delay in a gun-combat? See that factor? Now then, consider a number of the alternative shootings, those at colleges, workplaces, film theaters, and government buildings, nicely, identical troubles and identical challenges. It hardly ever matters if it’s miles armed bank robbers, gang violence, or a lone-wolf home-grown terrorist.

Now then, the factor of all this verbal exchange is quite simple. First, we ought to not do anything which undermines freedom and liberty, nor must we indoctrinate our citizens to consider that freedom is some thing it is not, or something they can not acquire. It is high-quality to get every person at the equal page as religion has in the past to assist prepare society and civilization, however it isn’t always okay to indoctrinate and field- within the minds of our population. We preserve declaring that we are hoping to have extra entrepreneurship and innovation in the future, but we cannot likely do that if we indoctrinate our minds right into a way of non-thinking.

Okay so, does this mean that extra liberty and freedom will open our society up to capability assault from terrorists, criminals, or foreign proxy assault underneath a fake flag? Yes, each time you’ve got absolute freedom, you risk as a minimum some security. That is why we must use our assets accurately, and no longer blow cash on matters that do not paintings. If we want extra performance out of our protection belongings then we should leverage the technology, use it for education, and use generation to our advantage, not to our disadvantage.

Well, it’s it for me talking; now it’s time for you to call in along with your tips, answers, and incredible ideas. If you are viewing this radio transcript on-line as an Internet article, then please leave your comments under. Now then the regulations for observation are quite easy; you do not need to agree with me, nor do you have to disagree with me. All you need to do is carry your mind with you while you make a remark and desire to debate one of the subtopics, or have an thrilling intellectual idea for our communicate approximately our development forward. Please don’t forget all this and assume it, the cellphone strains at the moment are open;

“Caller 8, you are on the air, what’s in your thoughts these days?”