The Current State of 21st Century Education Technology – Paving a Road to Success


Remember filmstrips, film reels, overhead projectors, and transparencies? These are the “tech equipment” that I keep in mind from my faculty days. Not an interactive something anywhere. It changed into easy. Teachers and professors had to determine among blackboards or overheads, black, blue or perhaps inexperienced ink and that was approximately it.

We’ve come a long way from those days, and in many cases new technologies have speedy replaced the old. There is, however, a huge variant on how advanced school districts are in phrases of their education generation implementations. One factor is obvious; irrespective of how limited resources are, all college districts have formed a hard and fast of desires around education generation. If we anticipate reaching any of these dreams, we ought to recognize the underlying elements that may have an effect on the individual and complexity of a trouble. These factors will, in turn, affect how we method a selected trouble and the solutions that are implemented to reach our dreams.

From a 30,000 foot attitude, there are usually 3 key additives to a training technology answer; Hardware, Software, and Training (the regularly forgotten, but frequently most crucial element).


In cutting-edge training tech world, you may not get very a long way without the three important components stated above. These are, however, merely the equipment that we are able to use in reaching our educational dreams. If you had been to place all the great hardware, software and education substances in a room, they might now not magically yield higher take a look at scores, fulfillment and commencement rates all via themselves.

You would possibly suppose that what I’ll be saying subsequent will must do with humans and how they may be the distinction makers. This of the path is actual, however, the real cognizance has to be on what these all crucial people are doing (and unfortunately in lots of cases no longer doing) which will attain our collective academic goals.Education Technology

Many people have lost sight at the “training” in schooling generation. It’s proper there in front of our eyes and we nevertheless control forget that that is approximately well-teaching college students and allowing them to reach their fullest ability.

The following list consists of a number of the most commonplace pitfalls that we see on a daily foundation as education generation integrators. These are the processes and sports which have confirmed to be inefficient, useless or counterproductive to training technology desires.

1. Having no desires to start with – This scenario is all too commonplace. A college district is tough-set on enforcing and/or upgrading their education generation assets, however not anything is tied lower back to curriculum goals. The buy and installation of projectors, interactive whiteboards, reaction systems, lecture room sound systems etc are not the implementations of a solution, it is actually a buy. Avoid asking yourself “now what?” as soon as the smoke has cleared. Achieve this via developing a real implementation plan this is tied to long-term educational goals and state standards. All of the high-quality training generation hardware manufacturers have researched training requirements in detail and feature designed their solutions for that reason to be able to assist faculties in attaining those dreams through the usage of their products. Ask your technology provider questions related to your academic dreams and best have interaction with folks that recognize your goals and can inform you how their products will help you attain them.

2. Cookie cutter approach – Let’s outfit every classroom and each teacher with the same exact generation equipment. And permit’s no longer prevent there, let’s do it all of sudden so every person is happy and nobody feels overlooked. Makes experience – proper? Well not exactly. Administrators and Tech Directors don’t need to pay attention grumblings about inequities or create surroundings of haves and have now not been even for a brief time frame. This would be a disaster – or would it not?

One of the satisfactory examples I can consider is interactive whiteboards or IWB’s. These forums are extremely good tools and may significantly beautify a gaining knowledge of environment while applied properly, but the addition of this generation device isn’t always usually a “no-brainer” in all gaining knowledge of environments. Companies like SMART Technologies and Promethean may also disagree, however, in the end, if the educational dreams of their clients are being met, it is going to be a win-win scenario for all worried – mainly the youngsters.

This is a trend this is tough to break. It is reasonably clean to understand how this has come about since politics can usually trump common sense.

Learning activities can range significantly from room to room and from problem to concern. The learning goals for math will probably range significantly from the mastering desires in technology magnificence versus overseas language lessons. Science room environments can also vary even similarly based totally on whether you are dealing with Physics, Chemistry or Biology.

The variances can run even deeper based on different district based necessities, room arrangement or teaching style of a personal instructor.

Taking a step again to do a little real evaluation and planning may additionally assist you and your colleges get on a more accurate song in terms of matching technology tools to real educational desires. To say that “we’re going to parent that out later” provides to the hazard that you may leave a vital requirement unaddressed.

3. Making all choices from the Top Down – Not which you would try this, however, too many Tech Directors or IT Managers make District huge selections without accumulating any enter from the give up users of generation. In this case it is of course teachers that might help force accurate necessities from the bottom up that would supplement the decisions being made from above. This will no question take greater effort and time, but in the long run it’ll probably uncover greater element and accuracy in your necessities as a way to help limit hazard and decrease the probabilities that you’ll miss a requirement or waste time and money spent re-working your preliminary solution with an unplanned “Phase 2” of your implementation.

4. No Training or Professional Development (PD) Plan – You might be fortunate enough to have a real move-getter on your workforce that takes the ball and runs with it, creating your schooling application within the manner. These self-starters do exist, but you can not assume training and PD looking after itself. Full adoption and use of new generation gear requires making plans AND control of the plan. If done efficaciously, your educational dreams are met and each person comes out looking and feeling like a champion.

5. No metrics – How do you show that your plan has been successful? Part of right making plans is establishing a pre-determined method of measuring success thru a fixed of properly chosen metrics. Not all and sundry loves numbers through nature, but I’m betting that everybody will love them when they definitively show that making plans and implementation has caused achievement.

6. Buying completely on charge – Hopefully you have not grown absolutely cynical in terms of value. If you spend the time speak of your prospective income people and provider carriers, you may see a huge variety of offerings supplied to you. If you need to do what is nice for your schools, you may spend some time calculating the genuine fee of an answer in which the physical hardware is handiest one thing. If you make your decision solely on the fee of hardware, you might be doing a brilliant disservice to yourself, your schools, your undertaking group and your students. Some of the maximum critical cost differentiators will should do with provider, support, education and professional improvement. A exceptional solution issuer will no longer most effective promote you the hardware, they may seasoned-actively help it. They will work with you consultative and open an ongoing talk with you and your workforce to assist in accomplishing your dreams. Many vendors have committed Education Consultants on body of workers which can be acquainted with state and federal education dreams. This further allows you and your crew to map schooling dreams to the use of training generation gear inside the lecture room.

7. Thinking your planned answer is “appropriate sufficient” – This might follow whilst shopping for a car or home appliance while delivered cost is typically related to “bells and whistles”, however a lecture room is not about getting to point A to factor B or how white your shirts can be. True adoption of training technology in a classroom can be a intricate purpose to satisfy and adoption should come with actual effects like multiplied test ratings and commencement prices. If you are closely limited by budget, I suggest creating the fine answer possible and starting with one room. If you do not have the funds to complete a whole room, do it in nicely notion out levels with steering from your training technology integrator (remember that factor approximately brought fee? – A ideal example). If you maintain this process over the years, you may emerge as with best learning environments in each room vs. A watered down “solution” in each room that yields no real effects.Success

8. Thinking you’re “executed” – This relates without delay to #7 above. It’s crucial to have a attitude of consistent improvement. New and progressed era is continuously being evolved. This can offer first-rate possibility, but it could additionally create confusion. In the ‘one room at a time’ state of affairs above, it would be of added gain to re-examine your plan as time progresses. This will provide you with the capability to pleasant track your answer over time. For this purpose, it is going to be vital to be aware of comments from stop users of generation enabled classrooms. There can be a brand new and improved era available or you can have found out that you “over-sold” in a specific area and may then adjust your plan accordingly. Ideally, there could be no adjustments at all and virtually a confirmation that your plans and gadget designs are sound. If you attain the stop of an implementation and everything has long past according to the device, you’re still some distance from being accomplished. As with all era, there are the factors of hardware renovation, aid and an ongoing schooling/expert development plan. If you’ve got unique plans in location in all of these areas and actively control on your goals, your possibilities for fulfillment will be significantly advanced.