A New Science of Mind and Society?

This article proposes a restructuring of technological know-how in a way that would decorate human fitness, happiness, and evolution towards an extra intelligently adaptive and innovative worldwide society. An approach of reuniting scientific and spiritual values is defined, and a standard plan is recommended for making the transition to a syntropic science that could preclude Read More

Educational Leadership: The Head of the Educational Trainwreck

Educational management. There’s a pleasing official-sounding phrase that could lead the uninitiated to trust in something fine. But like military intelligence, it’s an ideal oxymoron. In my experience, the those who exercise this “artwork” are neither leaders nor are they running within the pleasant pastimes of the kids. You understand, the component approximately their training. Read More

Know Yourself and Career Choices Will Become Clearer

I continually locate the responses charming, but I did not understand how frequently this query without a doubt creates a few tension and places people instantaneous. In truth, I didn’t comprehend it till someone requested me the identical query! To be honest, in earlier days, non-public revel in had allowed me to look at the Read More