Students to Morgan Stanley for a Day of Career Guidance


Stony Brook students met up with alumni working at the Morgan Stanley’s New York Plaza workplace on Friday, November nine. Student participants learned greater about the employer and attended the SBU alumni corporate luncheon to network with alumni and other senior degree experts inside the business records technology and legal positions. This meetup gave students the opportunity to examine greater about lifestyles operating at Morgan Stanley — and to listen to alumni personnel’ testimonies and career advice firsthand. We are extremely grateful to Joe Bravata ’92, govt director at Morgan Stanley and development manager in Corporate and Funding Technology whom graciously coordinated and hosted this open house for Stony Brook students.

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“This enjoy become truly useful to me, it gave me greater perception into the finance industry, and I was able to talk with extremely good alumni approximately their achievements, stated senior Santiago Ocampo. “It encouraged me to head in addition and gave me the course for my destiny profession.” Odette Bohr Dienel provides, “As a 3rd semester Ph.D. student most of my time the beyond sixteen months has been devoted to theory and books. It was exhilarating to step far from the classroom and spend an afternoon with practitioners in an area I even have a hobby in. The visit to Morgan Stanley become properly prepared and thoughtful. In just a few hours I acquired state-of-the-art perception right into a firm I previously knew primarily from the financial papers. Thank you so much to the Career Center, Stony Brook alumni, and Morgan Stanley.”

Img 3341Alumni personnel were inspired with the aid of the scholars and equally ardent about the revel in. We had 20 alumni participate for the duration of the day in networking, breakout periods and a panel discussion; and 25 students participated. “In the preparation for the Open House I turned into encouraged by way of the exhilaration from the Alumni approximately being part of the event,” said Bravata. “The enthusiasm carried all of the ways to the day of the event with greater volunteers than we ought to accommodate. It became the sort of delight connecting with Stony Brook students and providing them insight into a number of the cutting area things we’re doing at Morgan Stanley.”

After assembly with the alumni personnel at Morgan Stanley, students like Santiago and Odette lower back to campus with inspiration and power — and a sturdy hobby in destiny possibilities at the company. The occasion turned into a collaboration between the Stony Brook University Career Center, the Office of Alumni Relations and Institutional Advancement. The places of work assist several pupil-alumni career meetups and alumni corporate luncheons throughout the educational year to present students the hazard to hook up with alumni specialists at corporations of interest, as well as, connect alumni with other alumni operating at the identical agency.

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