Science Vs The Fundamentalist Religious Right


There are those religious fundamentalists who claim that all you need to realize approximately technology is contained in the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible. Not best is the Bible a spiritual text, a historical record, but it’s a technology textbook too chock complete of astronomy, geology, meteorology, biology, medicine, and many others. And ought to there ever be a disagreement between nerdy white-lined scientists in denim and God Almighty’s holy phrase, well it’s a no-brainer; no contest – God always wins – in God, we believe not nerdy Einstein-sorts. Any technology that undermines your religion in God, and so forth. Is fake technology. Real technology proves the bona-fides of the Bible.

The fact that such Right Wing Christian fundamentalists say this with an instantly face and actually (apparently) believe this claptrap is simply a tad frightening. In every other context, they appear to be shrewd, articulate, sane and rational beings! But on the other hand, how many human beings have been greatly surprised to discover that their high-quality and lovable next door neighbor was a serial killer, kidnapper, pedophile, or a closet white supremacist pseudo-Nazi.

Fundamentalists although in trendy, when pressed, admit they aren’t scientists, however, that doesn’t forestall them from bucketing any technology that rubs their personal worldview the wrong way. The one not unusual argument is that technology is essentially confined because it can best provide an explanation for the herbal, whereby supernatural philosophy (i.E. – Right Wing Christianity) explains all. The herbal of their opinion or notion is just a minor subset of all matters supernatural.

Most these days, beginning with Charles Darwin in 1859 (“The Origin of Species”) down to the Scope’s (Monkey) Trial in 1925 and ongoing nowadays is that Homo sapiens had been made in God’s photo (faith) vs. Homo sapiens had been the made of natural (Darwinian) choice and evolution from primate ancestors (science). Creationism is pure technological know-how; evolution is junk or fake science in line with the spiritual right. The names that fundamentalists name evolutionists might make many a blue-water sailor blush!

It’s that most recent issue, evolution (science) vs. Creationism/sensible layout (faith) that in particular dominates the controversy nowadays. You could make a journalistic career just following, protecting and reporting at the ever ongoing battles among creationists, instructional institutions and authorities, politicians, and scientists over whether or not technology curricula and textbooks must be giving same space to God and intelligent design vis-à-vis Darwinian evolution.

But wise design is absolute nonsense upon reflection. God, the so-called smart fashion designer, locations the lady sex organ sandwiched right among the two waste removal orifices. That’s shrewd? And the male sex organ does double obligation sharing a not unusual tube as a liquid waste elimination apparatus. That’s clever? Speaking of tubes, how frequently has the meals/drink you inputted ended up doing down the wrong tube – the windpipe in preference to the oesophagus? Painful, is not it? It’s additionally potentially lethal – human beings have choked to loss of life. So, is that shrewd designing in operation?

And if people are God’s private preferred intelligently designed creatures, why create other creatures and natural eventualities than render that intelligently designed human into a prematurely lifeless intelligently designed human? I mean if the Godly created bacteria and viruses do not get you, the puffer-fish, scorpion and snake venom might instead, assuming the sharks, lions, and tigers don’t have you for a midmorning snack first. And if existence would not stop your lifestyles, there are tornadoes, earthquakes, lightning bolts, tsunamis, and an entire host of other meteorological, geological or even astronomical phenomena just waiting to place you six toes underneath. Conclusion: so much for a loving God searching after His preferred intelligently designed flock.

Homosexuality/lesbianism is an unfastened-will choice and has nothing to do with genetics or biochemistry or neurochemistry. You aren’t born homosexual any greater than you’re born an astronomer or a criminal. Homosexuality is advocated by means of the powers-that-be as a way and approach of populace control. Satan additionally evokes and encourages homosexuality to reason the participants to be in direct disobedience and in defiance of God and God’s legal guidelines. Further, there are clean connections between homosexuality and pedophilia and bestiality, and so on.

Non-avian dinosaurs and humans coexisted, spiritual fundamentalists, mentioning fossil dinosaur and human footprints test-by-jowl embedded into rocks (in Texas). Dinosaurs were consequently on Noah’s Ark (this means that Noah’s Ark had to have been only a tad larger than the Bible says it become).

There changed into no evolution through natural choice, simply clever layout and creationism by way of a Creator God. God created all species as is. Humans did not evolve from apes. Teaching and accepting evolution is seemingly an evil Jewish plot according to a few! Further, evolutionists help abortion, gay marriage and stem cell studies.

There are not any ‘natural’ disasters simplest acts of God (as in displays of God’s wrath). It’s been claimed through the ones Right Wing nonsecular fundamentalist kinds that every time God is annoyed, He sends His wrath through a ‘herbal’ catastrophe. So, any tornado or hurricane or snowfall or earthquake or wildfire, and so on. Isn’t virtually ‘herbal’, as an alternative its an Act of God’s punishment. However, it is as a substitute extremely good that tornados tend to occur in kind of the same regions at kind of the identical time of 12 months; ditto hurricanes; ditto blizzards; ditto wildfires; ditto floods. You don’t tend to get large earthquakes aside from in well-known fault zones and consequently earthquake inclined areas. You don’t get volcanic longer regarded to be tectonically energetic. Now if ‘natural’ failures have been actually Acts of God, you would possibly anticipate God to supply the occasional snowstorm in Southern California in July; or how about forty instantly days and nights of rain in Death Valley; New York City becoming floor zero for a big earthquake or volcanic eruption; a twister outbreak in Alaska in January; or wildfires in areas of high rainfall and high humidity. If ‘natural’ disasters are Acts of God, why doesn’t God have an asteroid placing Chicago or a comet spanking Las Vegas or for that rely on institute a large solar flare or coronal mass ejection to blanket the whole US of A? Even greater critical, why does God should cover in the back of Mother Nature’s skirts within the first damn location? Why does not God take a leaf out of His in advance wrath-filled up-yours and smite the firstborn?