Pursuing a Career in Student Affairs


One of my favorite factors of being a blogger for Inside Higher Ed is getting to attach human beings from extraordinary establishments/international locations. Having begun my career within the United States and transitioned over to the United Kingdom nearly five years in the past, my community gets greater global on a day by day basis.

Recently, Jeff Macias, a junior at The College of New Jersey, sent me a series of questions on his aim of pursuing a career in student affairs and better education inside the UK. Knowing that I do not know almost enough about making the soar into scholar affairs work from America to the United Kingdom, I asked Emelie Helsen, Interim Head of Student Experience at Imperial College Union, if she could take a crack at answering Jeff’s questions.

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Emelie has written on the subject of US/UK student affairs inside the past (Tales from Across the Pond: Higher Education within the UK: Similar Trends, Different Structures ) and is quite knowledgeable on SA/HE work in both countries.

1. I am presently a resident advisor at my organization. I recognize residential schooling is a totally fundamental a part of US faculties and universities. How does residential schooling play a position in universities in the UK? Are there resident advisors, corridor advisors, and so on?

2. At my college, pupil affairs are very centralized and manipulate many sides which includes greek lifestyles, student involvement (organizations), athletics and so forth. Can you describe how pupil affairs in the United Kingdom range?

Three. There are not lots of pupil affair applications in the UK. The only ones are Kingston’s online software and Anglia Ruskin’s software. Do you believe you studied pursuing student affairs and better schooling is a viable career and/or take a look at alternative inside the UK?

Four. I these days attended a student affairs conference and one of the speakers, Dr. Dave Eng, stated that the task search for the scholar affairs subject (inside the US) is about 4 months, which is substantially longer than different fields. How tough is it to find a task at a college in the UK? And what can one do to increase their chances of a touchdown a task there?

5. What do you observe a man or woman who has experience in a US group can deliver to a UK group?

6. How does working at a college in the UK range from operating in a university inside the US? Also, how are the campus and scholar lifestyle differences between the two nations?

7. As stated before, the options to look at pupil affairs inside the United Kingdom is somewhat limited. However, I do recognize that in the United States that one does no longer necessarily want to have a student affairs degree to paintings inside the field. Would the same rule apply to the United Kingdom? If no longer, what masters ranges would you advise to a man or woman who wants to input the sphere inside the UK?

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Pros and Cons

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Four. Competition is tough. Dancers experience plenty of rejection. They are judged on their expertise, seems, and weight. They are often advised that they just are not properly enough. A toddler desires emotional power to deal with the frequently harsh global of expert dancing. If they are able to achieve this, it will assist them to grow to be sturdy individuals.