PSU organises Career Guidance Program


Peren Students’ Union (PSU) organized a profession steerage application in collaboration with Peren District Legal Services Authority (PDA) on November 30 at Town Hall Peren.

A press release from PSU president, Rampauyi Ndang, stated that this system changed into primarily based on self-discovery and to locate one’s actual talent, expertise and ardor.

About 278 college students comprising of students from distinctive faculties of Peren together with PSU, social activists, teachers and PLV’s of PDLSA attended the event, wherein they were made privy to the activities of PDLSA and numerous prison services. Pamphlets on felony awareness have been disbursed to the students and those in attendance.

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The software becomes chaired by Dr. Keyitiak Ndang and the consultation started out with a quick introduction of the aid individuals who were from CAN Youth, Dimapur. The vote of thank you was given by using Haipeurangbe Ndang (PLV) on behalf of the PSUN and PDLSA.


Counseling programs are a critical aspect of any school. They offer college students with sources, support, and nurturance in the course of the complete period in their simple and secondary school years. Elementary college years are a time whilst kids are growing socially, outdoor of the home. In the first few years of faculty, they learn social abilities that help them to interact with other students and adults. Counseling activities should recognition at the healthful socialization of all college students. Counselors at this degree ought to offer institution counseling, individual counseling, school room guidance, media shows displaying wonderful interactions, and “no positioned-downs” type of curriculum that promotes type social exchanges. The secondary faculty years bring rapid changes, bodily and environmentally, to college students. Adolescents are growing and converting, turning far from an authority, and growing their own sense of self. Effective counseling activities have to consciousness on human members of the family development including career schooling or education applications, college preparatory packages, organization and man or woman guidance, sensitivity schooling, and study room guidance (Gibson, 2003, pp. Five-fifty one).

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Counseling activities branch nicely beyond help with various career picks or personal counseling into the realm of human capacity wherein physical, emotional, academic, and different aspects of the man or woman are taken into consideration. These separate components are often tough to differentiate, as individuals own competencies, desires, and desires which are enmeshed with each other. There are
dardized tests, student assessment, consultations, career statistics and steerage, instructional guidance and placement, prevention offerings, intervention activities, administrative obligations, developmental tasks, information dissemination, and public relations. School counselors can have interaction in lots of exclusive activities in a one-hour term. The length of labor is nicely defined to the traditional school calendar.

Elementary college counselors have lately become a staple in most states. They are the maximum recent addition to high school staffs. However, Secondary counselors had been hired in schools for the longest time, as their role in helping college students in transition between school, university, and paintings have been easily identifiable. Secondary counselors offer academic records like scheduling and university placement, man or woman counseling, administrative offerings, prevention sports, institution counseling and steering, developmental sports, statistics periods, standardized trying out and interpretation, and consultation sports. In addition, secondary and fundamental counselors are regularly worried about non-counseling activities (lunchroom responsibility, and so forth.). Remediation is a focal point for counselors like dependency counseling, sexual issues, and courting adjustments. Preparing college students will become less vital as making choices due to the fact there are immediately or approaching alternatives to be made. Consultation and an expertise of the student’s surroundings form behavioral modifications. Both standard and secondary counselors are proactive in their method to their counseling populace.


All students ought to have to get right of entry to guidance and counseling offerings, appropriate to their developmental levels. The software can be based on the tenet that mastering is a lifelong process and consequently, counseling offerings should be a part of a standard continuum that contributes to the continuing increase, mastering, and development of every student. The steerage application has to embody the entire school community and shall be evolved and carried out through the counseling workforce and school administrators. All college students have the freedom and duty for making choices inside the constraints of the instructional system and will have to get admission to the counseling staff to help them with making the one’s alternatives (DoDDS-E, 1994, p. 7).


At the essential degree, this application will promote studying with the aid of helping kids to master the talents and broaden the attitudes vital to be successful. There could be an emphasis on choice-making skills, developing recognition, and foundational career exploration. The software will strain the self-concept improvement and ability enhancement essential for every student.
The center school application will recognition at the ever-changing needs of younger children. It will emphasize continuation of skills discovered in the primary grades, however, will regulate the program to in shape the needs of those students. It will cope with high school planning, account for student academic and occupational plans, and cope with any social elements that could limit ability.
The excessive college software will help students in turning into responsible adults who can develop realistic and promising lifestyles plans based on clean comprehension of themselves and their needs, talents, interests, and abilities. Attention will focus on assisting college students to expand abilities in selection making, career planning, operating with others, and taking responsibility for one’s personal conduct.

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In order to attain the dreams set for each stage of this system, the counseling software should be visible as a crucial part of every faculty’s general educational software. The software will be organized and applied with the aid of the college counselors with the aid of school, staff, parents, and the network (Gibson, pp. 2-5). It might be proactive in addressing the wishes, dreams, and issues of all students through inclusive of the following components: