Platonic Fullerene Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Liberty, Freedom, Science and the US Constitution


Dear reader, this Ezine article has been written for perusal by way of over 6000 nano-scientists. Its theme suggests to most people that ethical nanotechnology has a critical role to play in bringing approximately a brand new age of global liberty and freedom. It can be argued that this will come about if nanotechnology is evolved in liaison with a clinical science, to a manual ennobling government for the betterment of the worldwide human condition. While the thing is ready the fractal nature of Mesopotamian mythological arithmetic, it’s miles completely realized that other ancient cultures, along with Indian and Chinese civilizations, contributed limitless fractal mathematical standards into the formation of the historical 3rd Century BC Platonic subculture of Greek science.

Discussions approximately politics, intercourse and faith generally tend to provoke excessive controversy. However, this paper is a vast generalization of all three of these contentious troubles. They are so complex that most effective a supercomputer, given hundreds of years of records may want to appropriately provide an explanation for their functioning within the superb recreation of lifestyles, that is related to healthy human evolution.

During the 1990s, the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia had its supercomputer papers about seashell existence-shape energies reprinted by way of the world’s main technological studies institute, IEEE., and an American Institute for Basic Research. These papers have been across the world acclaimed for the invention of recent mathematical and physics legal guidelines governing most fulfilling biological boom and improvement via area-time. The goal of this text is to help inside the production of a second supercomputer software, which can be known as the Fuller-Snow ‘World Game Cooperative Theory’ for human survival.

China’s maximum especially awarded physicist, Kun Huang, supplied the research methodology used to make the invention of the new physics laws possible. He argued personally with Albert Einstein over the problem. Now, nanotechnology has shown that his seashell advice in 1979 applies directly to the human condition.Nanotechnology

The historical Egyptians used the sacred geometries of life to give an intuitive expression of the operating of a countless universe. Mainstream technology now realizes that they have been the usage of elements of fractal geometrical logic extending to infinity. However, our present international technological know-how and era forbids that geometrical common sense to belong to any dwelling evolutionary system. Einstein’s genius can now be simply immortalized through modifying it so that his regularly occurring energies of chaos are proven to entangle with these long lost historic infinite lifestyles energies.

The 20th Century Einsteinian world-view became ruled by using a regulation of customary chaos that demands that every one life within the universe must grow to be extinct. Therefore, underneath those occasions, the dwelling system cannot likely increase to infinity. However, nanotechnology has established that the historic Greek technological know-how turned into accurate.

The human molecule of emotion, determined in 1972, now a part of quantum biology’s entanglement with Einstein’s quantum mechanics, is, in reality, an infinite fractal expression. Our emotions characteristic in complete contradiction to the legal guidelines governing our gift destructively imbalanced technological know-how and technology.


This method that, as become determined simplest last century, emotions belong to Sir Isaac Newton’s more profound natural philosophy to stability his mechanical description of the universe. It is crucial that his international-view is free of any similarly Christian class of this being a criminally insane heresy. Newton held to his more profound concepts of an endless universe, when he wrote his splendid theories of technological know-how. This is obvious in his non-public letters to Richard Bentley, in which he connected gravity with light, to offer evolutionary preparation to the human metabolism. It is unreasonable to insist that mercurial fumes from his alchemy laboratory resulted in a criminally insane thoughts, at the equal time when he become engaging in such things.

The cutting-edge day unbalanced clinical world-view constitutes a political nightmare of world proportions. With the change, this can be correctly addressed within the shape of a scientific supercomputer program, functioning to manual ennobling governments at some stage in the arena. The resultant technology, for the betterment of the human situation, is past the theory of present unbalanced mainstream technology. However, given the opportunity, there are sufficient learned scholars to compose the PC application, way to the scientist Kun Huang. It is now feasible to increase the seashell studies so that it will obtain the quantum organic blueprint for human survival.

During the sixth Century BC the Greek geometer, Thales, traveled to Egypt to look at political ethics. Following him in the 5th Century BC, the mathematician, Pythagoras, also studied political ethics in Egypt. They added back to Greece the mathematical structure of Western Democracy. The Greek truth seeker Anaxagoras had derived a principle of introduction from the mythological-mathematical theories of the Egyptian writer god Atum (Atom), noted within the ‘Pyramids Texts’. Then, for over hundred years the Platonic culture of Greek philosophy fused ethics into Anaxagoras’ theory of advent. This changed into so as to invent technology in order that civilization could no longer become extinct, as had different lifestyles bureaucracy determined as fossils.

Aspects of nano-technological know-how display that the ensuing science had correctly linked mathematics to the dwelling method, in keeping with the workings of an infinite universe. This is contrary to the ethos of Einstein’s theory of relativity, which he derived from Babylonian mythological arithmetic.

During the 3rd Century, BC Greek lifestyles-sciences came into life. One was referred to as the ‘Science for ethical ends’ incorporating atomic Platonic love and the other became the ‘Science of standard love’, based upon the Epicurean emotional atomic concept. These sciences happened to guide ennobling authorities, so that humans should play their part within a limitless ethical widespread cause, therefore warding off extinction. Nearby, inside the Mystery Schools of Babylon, worship of the sacred geometries changed into inspired with the aid of the lessons of Ishtar, the Goddess of sexual prostitution and warfare.

Plato understood that after a physical atomic technology totally dominated civilization, because it does these days, the prehistoric fingers race legacy might at some point boost up, triggering the emergence of the unfavorable residences of historical Egypt’s know-how of primordial popular chaos. Plato’s idea ‘evil’ was approximately the anti-existence houses of nuclear unformed remember spreading as an obsession into the psyche of civilizations. Various country wide governments, powerless to forestall the nuclear palms race due to governmental national security legal guidelines, could subsequently bring about the chaos of total destruction upon civilization. Nanotechnology, on the other hand, could step in to offer a scientific technological know-how, loose electricity, meals, and water, throughout the globe, that allows you to prevent this nightmare state of affairs from going on.

Harvard University Press advises that the rebirth of the misplaced Greek atomic sciences became instigated by way of Marsilio Ficino, at some point of the 15th Century. He used the e book, ‘Plato’s Theology’ to create what is now called the Great Italian Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci, opposite to famous notion, was now not a significant figure in that Renaissance.

The mathematician, Fibonacci, taught Leonardo the sacred geometrical mathematical ethos belonging to the Mystery Schools of Babylon, which worshiped war. On the alternative hand, the inclusion of Platonic love as a property of the atoms of the soul (the molecule of emotion found by means of Candace Pert in 1972) had located atomic ethics into the mathematical equations that Fibonacci obtained from the Babylonian Mystery Schools.

The American engineer, Buckminster Fuller, who wrote the ebook ‘Utopia or Oblivion’ completely understood the character of Plato’s grim warning and realized that we should adjust the Einsteinian expertise of everyday electricity, or perish. Harvard University’s Novartis Professor Amy Edmondson, in her on-line biography entitled ‘A Fuller Explanation’, wrote that in his excitement to put in writing his theories, Fuller omitted to provide an explanation for to the general public that his thoughts for humanity’s survival had been derived directly from Plato’s mathematical research.

The molecular biologist, Sir C P Snow, also wrote an e book about the need to shop civilization from crumble, because of the prevailing Einsteinian knowledge of normal strength. He was taken into consideration it vital to link contemporary technological know-how again to the subculture of the Platonic Humanities. In 2008 the Times Literary Supplement posted that it is taken into consideration Snow’s e-book to be many of the one hundred maximum important books written due to the fact World War II.

The Christian Church, at some point of the 5th Century AD, destroyed the Great Library of Alexandria and murdered its custodian, the mathematician, Hypatia. Saint Augustine then banished Plato’s mathematics as being the work of the Devil, mistaking it for the arithmetic associated with the lessons of Ishtar, the Babylonian Goddess of battle and prostitution. Augustine had translated the evil of unformed count number inside the atom because of the evil of lady sexuality, later used as an excuse for the terrible sexual rites that the Christian Church lather condoned.

The sadistic torturing and burning alive of limitless numbers of girls and lady kids as witches changed into practiced for 3 hundred years until the mid 17th Century. In the 18th Century the Church’s fanatical opposition to ancient Greek mathematical atomic technology, because of the work of the Devil, changed into transferred into the very cloth of the Constitution of the USA of America, without the American people realizing what had passed off.

Giordano Bruno, considered to be the father of modern-day technological know-how, taught about the technological know-how of everyday love, at Oxford University. For doing this, upon returning to Rome he become imprisoned, tortured and burnt alive by way of the Roman Church in 1600. During the twentieth Century, the unpublished papers of Sir Isaac Newton had been located, wherein Newton expressed his conviction that a greater profound natural philosophy existed to complete the mechanical description of the universe. Newton’s model of the universe turned into endless and its functioning turned into upheld by the same physics principles that upheld the historic Greek science for moral ends and the science of commonplace love. Newton’s balancing physics concepts were exactly those utilized by the logician Schelling while he corrected Immanuel Kant’s electromagnetic ethic for perpetual peace on earth.

Isaac Newton, a contemporary of Bruno, aware of his fate, dared not put up those identical thoughts. As it becomes, his endless universe theories stay categorized nowadays as Newton’s Heresy Papers. This may additionally help provide an explanation for why a 50 million pound research program at Cambridge University, to look for its related technology, changed into canceled outright by way of the British Government. Nonetheless, nanotechnology has found out the excellent value of that technology’s capability to advantage the global human circumstance, properly past the scope of entropic science.Chemistry

The Constitution of America of America came into existence in 1787, based on the ancient Platonic lifestyle of Greek philosophy. Within the Christian way of life, Sir Isaac Newton’s banished heresy physics standards had been completely unnoticed. Alexander Hamilton, during the framing of the Constitution, defined ‘Liberty’ as being ensured via the design of presidency based totally upon physics and geometrical ideas. The physics ideas used to construct the American Constitution belonged to the posted physics of Sir Isaac Newton and the geometrical ideas belonged to the geometry of Euclid. The cutting-edge blockbuster film, ‘Lincoln ‘ depicts the President of America explaining that the abolishment of slavery turned into fused into Euclidean geometrical logic. In reality, it turned into tied into the endless geometrical common sense upholding the functioning of the Platonic universe. If the desire of the people wishes it so, the American Constitution can now be amended to end up the proper image of liberty for all the world.

The historic Greek intuitive understanding approximately the anti-lifestyles homes of nuclear chaos predicted the manner our country of emotion interacts with bodily fact. In 2011 two Chinese scientists used mathematics to show how the Fullerene dance of life of protein enfolding in DNA, functioned outside the legal guidelines governing Einstein’s global-view. This turned into pre-empted ten years earlier when the Science-Art Research Centre published a lecture delivered at Yangzhou University in China. The paper stated that this protein dance of lifestyles in DNA triggered Fullerene carbon-signalling to generate the geometrical production of emotion-forming materials influencing mental functioning.

The Centre reasoned that due to the fact Einsteinian mathematics changed into unable to generate healthy seashell growth through area-time, it became innately carcinogenic. The 1937 Nobel Laureate in medicinal drug, Szent-Gyorgyi, additionally argued that the scientific refusal to permit any interplay of attention with Einstein’s chaos energies delivered about an unnatural war among emotional intuition and unbalanced clinical rationalism, taken into consideration to be related to cancer. In 1998, cancer researchers in America associated Szent-Gyorgyi’s theories to carbon signaling inside DNA.

Be this as it could, the anti-life conflict within the human biological device, in which herbal emotional instinct is compelled to conform to the dictates of our unbalanced science, does save you wholesome evolution from happening. People at gift are without a doubt powerless to prevent the outcomes of what Plato described as uncensored artwork, in which thoughts beautiful paperwork in conjunction with an irresponsible song, offers an illusionary perception of truth, while the entropic engineering mind-set prepares for chronic conflict.

Nanotechnology can offer us all with water, meals, strength and raw substances from truely nothing. Instead, we are contented to hold a stock-marketplace task enslavement obsession, so as to pollute the planet and the electricity gadget belonging to the dwelling process. The entropic dictatorship of global economic rationalism, obeying general chaos common sense, is probably considered rational for those controlling the cashing device, but it is virtually not primarily based upon moral clinical standards. If nanotechnology directs the feature of artificial intelligence to wage battle, then the deployment of invisible undetectable nano guns of mass destruction will become humanity’s common enemy.

The mathematical sacred geometrical ideas of mercy, compassion, and justice can be found depicted in wall paintings of the Egyptian 1st Kingdom. These mythological-mathematics have become political law within the 2d Kingdom, explaining the origins of things like contemporary hospitals and old age pensions. The historic Greeks used those mathematical virtues to increase an infinite technological know-how for human survival, which we’re forbidden to discuss in the constant confines of twentieth Century technology and era.

The seriousness of a hidden fanatical spiritual act contaminating Newton’s physics principles all through the framing of the American Constitution is straightforward to illustrate. It averted the Platonic spiritual (now holographic) optical human survival engineering generation from being advanced.

Although Plato’s spiritual optical engineering standards had been later corrected through ‘History’s Father of Optics’, Al Haitham, at some stage in the Golden Age of Islamic Science, the issue is quite apparent. Plato, Al Haitham, and other philosophers including Philo, Plotinus, and Hesiod, had warned that by way of using the senses, particularly the eye, as the supply of cosmic know-how, the negative residences of unformed count might emerge from the atom to destroy civilization. Da Vinci, Descartes and Sir Francis publisher 1st baron Verulam, pivotal figures in bringing the mechanistic business age, used the eye as the source of all understanding.

Albert Einstein made precisely the same mistake. During 1924 to 1927 the arena-view of quantum mechanics became that visual observation affects reality. Einstein’s E=Mc squared did indeed allow the historical unformed count number to emerge from the atom. We are coming near the point wherein Humanity’s common enemy can be the anti-lifestyles ethos of artificial intelligence, masquerading as a benevolent Diabolic, the God of Chaos, that we now worship globally through the stock market.

The Science-Art Research Centre’s e-book ‘The twenty-first Century Renaissance’, points out that Einstein evolved his global-view from the use of the sacred geometries associated with the mythological-mathematics used inside the worship of historical Babylon’s Goddess, Ishtar. Her sexual mathematics are very complex, but it appears that Einstein’s colleague, the Nobel Prize winner and mathematician Lord Bertrand Russell, became encouraged by way of Ishtar’s teachings. During the 20 then, Century Russell has become Britain’s great recognized endorse of loose love and intercourse. His first three marriages have become sordid sexual dramas inside the British courts and in 1940 his professorial position at the College of New York became annulled via a police court order, as being immoral.

Bertrand Russell’s most famous essay became entitled ‘ Freeman’s Worship’ in which Russell insisted that we don’t have any different preference but to worship Einstein’s entropic dying sentence upon all of life within the universe. In 1957 the New York University Library of Science posted an e-book entitled, ‘Babylonian Myth and Modern Science’, wherein Einstein is shown to have advanced his theory of relativity from the mythological-mathematics of historic Babylon. Plato, alternatively, had evolved mythological arithmetic from the Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt, which had been approximately preventing the universe from reverting returned into its authentic chaos. Nanotechnology proved that the Platonic atomic technological know-how become correct and the engineer Buckminster Fuller had accurately upgraded it. It is now feasible to upgrade Fuller’s solution to the human survival theories of Sir C P Snow.

The approach to the worldwide strength disaster is easy. Buckminster Fuller alluded to it with his ‘Cooperative World Game Theory’ for the betterment of the worldwide human circumstance. In Fuller’s own phrases, ‘Make the arena work, for a hundred% of humanity, inside the shortest possible time, thru spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the drawback of anybody’.

IBM’s supercomputer, Deep Blue, beat the arena’s chess champions and their supercomputer Watson, beat America’s players of the extra complicated sports Jeopardy. Such a laptop game, based totally upon medical technology ethics, will bring into human focus the technique advocated by the Fuller-Snow cooperative global sport of existence.

The Science-Art Research Centre of Australia is now most effective interested by helping to create the Fuller-Snow amazing computer software. The new game containing hundreds of years of relevant negentropic speculations, will instantly and together enhance our chaotic focus into a comprehension of Fuller’s limitless synergistic universe. People can then play the sport of life unimpeded with conflicting on secular dogmas, with a purpose to improve human survival cognizance. The governing Platonic Fullerene Chemistry scientific technology, given legal fame, can then guide ennobling government primarily based on the problem of global safety and nanotechnology supra-wealth for all.

The three 1996 Nobel Laureates in Medicine, set up a new medical chemistry based upon the negentropic houses of Fullerene carbon molecules. As Buckminster Fuller had derived his balanced model of general reality upon the mathematics of Plato, the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia renamed it as Platonic Fullerene Chemistry, now influencing the schooling of chemistry throughout the arena.

All revenue from Science-Art Paintings, sold through the Centre’s non-profit studies company, is going to the assignment, to assist bring the Fuller-Snow supercomputer into life. This investment model of ethical science via the arts changed into posted in 1993 by means of LEONARDO, the ‘International magazine for the Arts, Sciences, and Technology.

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Professor Robert Pope is the Director of the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia, Uki, NSW, Australia. The Center’s objective is to provoke a 2nd Renaissance in science and art, in order that the modern science will be balanced via an extra creative and feminine science. More statistics are available at the Science-Art Centre

Professor Robert Pope is a recipient of the 2009 Gold Medal Laureate for Philosophy of Science, Telesio Galilei Academy of Science, London. He is an Ambassador for the Florentine New Measurement of Humanity Project, University of Florence, is listed in Marquis Who’s Who of the World as an Artist-truth seeker, and has received a Decree of Recognition from the American Council of the United Nations University Millennium Project, Australasian Node.

As an expert artist, he has held several university artist-in-residencies, along with Adelaide University, University of Sydney, and the Dorothy Knox Fellowship for Distinguished Persons. His art work has been featured on the front covers of the art encyclopedia, Artists, nd Galleries of Australia, Scientific Australian, and the Australian Foreign Affairs Record. His artwork may be considered on the Science-Art Centre’s website.

He is the author of the 2012 e-book ‘The 21st Century Renaissance’, written in liaison with Florence University’s New Measurement of Humanity Project and the former Head of the Development Sector of the AEG-Telefunken Institute of Automatic Control in Franfurt, Hamburg and Berlin, the past due Professor Wolfgang Weber, recipient of the 1885 Albert Einstein Order of Honour.