Over a dozen biology professors received’t say while human life starts


In the midst of the ongoing abortion debate in the United States, greater than a dozen university biology professors could now not solution the question, “When do individual human lives begin?” One professor claimed that “any solution [to the question] is an opinion,” even though severa scientific specialists and biology textbooks have unequivocally claimed otherwise.

The 13 professors contacted by The College Fix have been from a various institution of colleges which include Stanford, Wichita State University, and Chapman University. Eleven of the professors failed to reply to numerous emails. Two professors responded but dodged the question by claiming that it become no longer scientific.

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Janice Knepper, a biochemistry professor at Villanova University and the co-director of the biochemistry program there, answered through e-mail that “scientists cannot answer the question, as it does now not generate a testable speculation. Any solution is an opinion, and the opinion depends upon your definition.”

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