National Career Skills Competition 2019


The National Career Skills Competition 2019 – Have you bought what it takes?

Tell us about your Work Experience and the skills you advanced at some point in your placement and be in with a hazard to win.

* Friday twelfth APRIL *
Open to 2nd level students who have taken element in Work Experience.

And this year it is even extra exciting, with our BRAND NEW VLOG access class!

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Sponsored with the aid of McDonalds Ireland, 4 wonderful opposition categories follow:

We are giving freely top-notch prizes for the pinnacle 3 entries in each class (TY, Leaving Cert (Incl. LCA and LCVP), Best Entry As Gaeilge, and Best Adult Entry).

The winner of every category gets the exquisite GoPro Hero 6, with Dr Dre Beats for every 2nd Place and Creative Bluetooth Speaker for every 3rd Place.

In addition, the school of the triumphing student from every class will obtain a cash prize of €1,000 for the applicable programme.

The National Career Skills Award Ceremony 2019 will take location in May at the Department of Education & Skills. The prevailing students, their dad, and mom, programme coordinators and principals will all be invited to attend the prize-giving ceremony.

The countrywide co-ordinators from all programmes and the Vice President of the IGC might be in attendance, as will key people within the region of steering, education, and industry.

1st Prize

What’s the Competition?

The competition is based totally in your work revel in.

The competition asks you to research closely one profession and subsequent work placement which you have undertaken. It asks you to explain the job-position, find out what education is needed to go into it, to notice a number of the competencies required to do the activity properly, and most significantly, to inform us what abilities you have evolved at some stage in that time.

In different phrases, you need to finish a Career Investigation for a task position you have a look at throughout your work experience.

How to Enter

Competition Entries can be made online, through email or with the aid of put up.

Online Entries

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Online access is available to college students who sign up with CareersPortal.Ie (click on on the ‘Sign Up’ hyperlink at the top of every web page).

As instructors and counselors, you realize that the essential school years are crucial. During the standard college years, your students construct visions of what they desire to do in their lives as they make a contribution to the body of workers. With your help, your college students continue to be open to new profession ideas and opportunities. As you work along with your students, your college students do no longer make untimely career alternatives or career preparations. For your college students, essential faculty is a time to build awareness.

As primary college instructors and counselors, you operate career training to sell self-confidence, skill development, and choice making techniques. Your sports are designed to construct the self, own family, college, network, and profession cognizance. You use age-appropriate materials that suit your students’ developmental tiers. These activities expose your students to a ramification of different jobs, career facts assets, and the motives why humans paintings.

When you put together to develop age-appropriate substances products, tests, and gear, you operate career models just like the National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG). The National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG) have domain names, desires, and indicators. Each domain represents a developmental vicinity. Under each area, there are goals or talents. For every purpose, indicators spotlight the expertise and competencies had to obtain the goal. The National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG) prepares you to make substances which might be appropriate for your college students.

As standard faculty counselors and instructors, you create character profession plans and portfolios. Individual career plans (ICP) –

Develop self-focus
Identify preliminary profession goals and academic plans
Increase employability and choice making abilities
Individual career portfolios summarize profession focus activities and stories that arise in the course of the school year. In addition to person profession plans and portfolios, you operate a ramification of resources –

Career days
Career gala’s
Community audio system

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Field journeys
Information interviewing
Literary works
Collages, work of art
Educational games
Job shadowing
Dramatic shows
All of the professional sports and equipment combine educational paintings with career pathways. Career activities function foundations for future competencies. As teachers and counselors, you help college students construct connections between academics and actual life situations. You use profession training sports to pressure the significance of language arts, mathematics, social research, and technology.

You show students that Language Arts have many uses inside the paintings force:

Listening abilities
You offer examples that display how people clear up problems when they use Mathematics. Different forms of Mathematics encompass:

In Social Studies, your college students learn the way skills which might be necessary to achieve success in the worldwide market. In Social Studies, your college students study –

Your students analyze the importance of Science gaining skills to clear up troubles. You show your students how programs of Science are used in distinct industries, consisting of –

Automotive industry
The connections among academics and actual existence situations beef up, develop, and expand formerly learned skills. In summary, as essential college instructors and counselors, you assist students:

Know and fee self
Build self-esteem and self-assurance
Learn and practice the instructional material
Identify interests and build relationships among the school surroundings and the paintings force
Build academic, verbal exchange, problem-solving, and social abilities
Increase focus of the want for future jobs talents
See the connections between learning in college, instructional talents, activity related capabilities, and careers
See profession opportunities
See themselves as a destiny contributor to the activity pressure
Receive empowerment
Build self-willpower
As counselors and teachers, you build self-awareness, family focus, school focus, community consciousness, career/ paintings cognizance, mind-set development, skill improvement, choice making techniques, and self-confidence. You use age-appropriate substances that suit the developmental degrees of the students. Examples of sports include character career plans (ICP), man or woman career portfolios, profession days, career festivals, subject journeys, information interviewing, and library e-book reports.

After finishing profession education activities, your students are prone to get better grades, educational success, faculty involvement, and interpersonal capabilities. In addition, your students are extra adept to complete greater complicated guides and feature higher commencement charges from high school. As your college students grow old, they may achieve their career visions and goals.