Jeffrey Redding Chicago: Security and Defense


Jeffrey Redding Chicago is a veteran with the Chicago Police Department; he has been working with the department for 20 years. He is an experienced investigator with the Office of Internal Affairs, as well as two Inspector General’s offices. With the Internal Affairs Division, he played a role in being responsible for the conduct of police officers in the city of Chicago. The Office of the Inspector General was responsible for identifying issues within the government, such as waste, fraud, and abuse.

Security and Defense

In addition, Jeffrey Redding Chicago served as the Director of Operations for two security companies that are based in the city of Chicago. When he was in this role, he was involved in the recruitment, as well as the retention, training, and assignments of security officers for sight placement purposes.

Jeffrey Redding Chicago is also happy to give tips in safety and security to people who need them. For example, as a Chicago security expert, he emphasizes that people who are going on trips should make sure that they are prepared to take safety precautions with their homes when they are gone. They will be better able to enjoy their trips knowing that their home and belongings will be safe and secure when they return. With all of his years in the police force, he knows how common home robberies are. The majority of these crimes actually happen when people are away from their homes.

Jeffrey Redding Chicago has many useful tips for these people. He believes that there is a significant reduction in problems if a friend or family member is around in order to keep an eye on the property. It is also very important to make sure that the right people know that you are not at home, while the wrong people do not know this. Jeffrey Redding recommends that you tell the local police that you were traveling, but you should not post online that you are away from home. Even if you feel tempted to share this information with friends and family and social media, it can prevent red flags because people whom you don’t want to know you are away will have no way of knowing this information.

In addition, Jeffrey Redding Chicago has many useful tips when it comes to dealing with an active shooter. He advises people to know their floor plan very well, have guards in places that are very visible, use any available technology in order to survey the shooter, use cover and concealment in order to protect themselves and see the shooter, and deploy force multipliers early. Jeffrey Redding Chicago also has a wealth of advice when it comes to maintaining enterprise safety in the event of a disaster, including protection plans that should be in place.

Currently, Jeffrey Redding Chicago is working as the Director for a major retail corporation in the state of Pennsylvania.