How to Write an IB Economics Evaluation Essay


Economics assessment essays often seem as one of the most tough assessment additives of the IB Economics application. Students frequently warfare with structuring their reviews and making use of their economic information to the query. However, critiques do not want to be hard and college students regularly overcomplicate their questioning when writing critiques. In this manual, we can examine first, the incorrect way to approach assessment essays after which how to properly structure an assessment. For this, we will use this question to illustrate the essay writing procedure:

“Evaluate the extent to which a depreciating exchange price might also gain or damage an economic system.”

The wrong manner

Many college students undertake this approach when writing assessment essays:

1. Define

2. Descriptions and analysis

3. Evaluate

The evaluation must now not be the “icing on the cake”. Rather, the assessment must be the cake itself. Writing an economics essay using the above method can easily lead to the error of describing the whole lot about a depreciation and leaving best a small a part of the essay for evaluation.

The next problem is that, whilst reading this sort of essay, it’s far uncertain as to what the student is comparing until close to the realization. As the pupil, it’s also easy to get sidetracked.Essay

Some college students the usage of this approach may frequently run out of time and not do any evaluation by any means, in order to make incomes even a 6 difficult.

Finally, this with this approach, it is tough to successfully address special forms of economics essays. With the approach in this guide, opinions may be tackled nearly systematically which means that that less wondering time is needed, leaving more valuable writing time.

Note: This approach can work and I’m positive there are college students who have scored 7s with this method. But it is a lot more difficult to analyze in case you are unexpected with economics critiques. What I advise, is to use a scientific strategy and shape that may be applied to almost all sorts of essay questions.


The correct way

First, allow’s consider what assessment definitely is.

This may be observed in maximum economics mark schemes:

Effective assessment can be to:

· Consider short-term as opposed to lengthy-term effects

· Examine the effect on distinctive stakeholders

· Discuss advantages and downsides

· Prioritize the arguments.

The 1/3 description is the one that we endorse as it could fit the widest variety of viable examination questions. Stakeholder and long run versus brief run analyses are often subsets of a discussion of benefits and disadvantages, i.E. The blessings and drawbacks to special stakeholders, or inside the brief run and longer term. Regardless of the question, there’ll usually be benefits and drawbacks. However, there might not be enough to talk about concerning short run as opposed to long term or regarding various stakeholders.

You must prioritize your arguments besides, listing the maximum vital benefits/risks first.

The technique I advocate can be used for nearly all sorts of assessment essays (With a few minor tweaks). The key right here is that with exercise, you could do opinions almost systematically, which saves on planning time and maintains your essay focussed.

So, the 5 steps to getting full marks in your economics assessment essay (Using the benefits and downsides approach):

1. Define key phrases inside the question

This is fairly straightforward. The mark scheme awards a few easy marks only for defining the key terminology. It additionally enables to focus the essay and for the pupil to get into “essay writing mode.”

2. Answer the query in 1-2 sentences

Essentially what this indicates is, summarize the entire essay into 1-2 sentences. This sentence is critical and is designed to attention your essay. All of your future paragraphs from here will assist this.

It is likewise essential to illustrate your purpose of assessing here. Your 1-2 sentence precis need to have factors of assessment – i.E. Beneficial phrases to apply consist of, “it relies upon on” or “there are blessings and drawbacks” or “there are many expenses and advantages related” and so forth.

This sentence can be pretty indistinct. What’s vital is clarification at the path you may take with your essay.

3. List and explain benefits

Note: For coverage picks, this can be replaced with “advantages” and for questions wherein you are required to assess a statement, truly update this with “arguments supporting the assertion”

The extra exact the reason of the advantage, the fewer benefits you need to speak about and vice versa. Aim for at least 2 and at maximum three, although in uncommon instances you can best have one advantage which you talk in the period.

With exercise, you will intuitively exercise session how the duration and element that every advantage desires to be discussed in. Ideally, consist of one diagram according to advantage mentioned.

As you grow to be more superior for your essay writing, it is regularly beneficial to qualify those benefits as nicely. Rather than really writing “One key advantage is that the policy will lessen unemployment,” write “Given that the economic system is likely to be experiencing a deflationary gap, a key advantage of the coverage is that it will assist to bring the financial system closer to complete employment.”

4. List and provide an explanation for negative aspects

Note: Replace with “costs”, or “arguments towards the declaration” as appropriate to the question.

The concepts in the back of this are the same as for blessings.

5. Weigh up advantages and drawbacks

It is frequently the case that the blessings and downsides do not deliver equal weight. Depending on what is being evaluated and the economy in attention, it is frequently more suitable to lean one facet or some other in place of honestly writing “it depends.”

This is essentially your conclusion. For the full-size majority of reviews, this ought to be a tentative end, i.E. “It is probable to be the effective standard” in place of “It is truely tremendous typical.”

For reviews of guidelines, it may be powerful here to recall some opportunity coverage alternatives. Remember also that doing nothing is a probable coverage preference.

Key things to keep in mind

1. Your essay’s motive need to be to evaluate. Evaluation must not be the “more” component you add on for bonus marks.

2. Answer the question and only the question. But use the question as an opportunity to reveal off your monetary understanding

3. Diagrams have to always be “sandwiched.” Relevant textual content have to always be used to introduce the diagram and finally to give an explanation for the diagram. Do now not have a diagram striking on the give up of a paragraph or randomly inserted before a bit of textual content.

4. Diagrams should be labelled accurately and titled. Diagrams should also display a shift of some type. This can be finished by using using an arrow. I also propose labelling diagrams Figure 1, Figure 2 and many others. This makes them simpler to refer back to.

Five. Use real world examples. Tackling this is easy. Go on Google and find a statistic for:

a. A country this is experiencing speedy growth (Hint: China)

b. A country that is experiencing very gradual boom

c. A u . S . Experiencing excessive inflation

d. A us of a experiencing low inflation or deflation (Hint: Japan)

e. A country with low GDP/capita

f. Countries with excessive and occasional income inequality (HL)

g. Countries with constant and floating change costs

h. A country with excessive stages of debtEconomics

i. A united state of America that is a internet exporter

j. A us of a that is a internet importer

The list is going on. Basically, you can get some quick and smooth marks simply through having some actual world know-how available.

6. Have some unique thought

Original notion is largely the use of your creativity to feature a touch extra flavour to your reaction. Try to head a touch beyond what’s cited within the text e-book. The easiest manner to do this is to qualify your blessings and disadvantages to the question specially.

For instance, if the country has excessive debt degrees and you are evaluating depreciation, it can be useful to include some thing like: “Given that the financial system is experiencing excessive debt degrees, a depreciation is possible to make it greater difficult to provider debt payments.”

Your essay should not be ordinary. To obtain the best marks, it desires to be focused to the query. This is in particular authentic for the eight mark facts reaction assessment question.

7. Explain principles linearly

What this means is do not have your analysis jump from An instantly to D. Explain your reasoning in a step-through-step way, as in case you are an economics teaching explaining the concept to a pupil.

For instance, if you are attempting to provide an explanation for that reducing interest costs is possibly to boom aggregate call for, your rationalization need to look something like this:

“Lower interest costs represent a lower fee of borrowing. As such, companies much more likely to put money into capital, which is probable to growth the extent of investment within the economic system. Furthermore, a decrease hobby fee effects in a decrease return on financial savings, that is probable to result in a lower marginal propensity to save and for that reason a higher marginal propensity to devour. All else being equal, that is possibly to result in better consumption. Since funding and consumption are each components of aggregate call for, reducing hobby charges are likely to lead to an increase in mixture demand.”

The wording may want to probably float a little higher, but you notice the factor. Explain standards in a linear style or the examiner can also wander off, or expect that you do not completely apprehend what you’re writing.

8. Practice, instruction, guidance!

Write as many economics essays as feasible earlier than your very last exam. This is the most effective manner that you’ll be able to grasp the art. After you’ve got written each essay, ask for remarks out of your economics teacher. If you’re doing beyond paper questions, take a look at the mark scheme to look what you may have neglected.

In your final examination, do now not expect to have a great deal time left closing. Through practice, you will be capable of write faster and now not want to devote a whole lot time to questioning. In your very last, making plans time must take no more than five mins and for the maximum element, when you have this structure memorized, you ought to be able to think ahead as you are writing.

At first, it’s miles suitable to apply the textbook/Google as you are writing. But I have a rule for this – do not use the textbook twice to look up the identical concept!

9. If you are doing HL, make certain to encompass HL content.

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