Fintech incubator Rainmatter backs virtual mastering startup LearnApp


LearnApp, a virtual learning platform owned through Noida-based PS Market Scientist Pvt. Ltd, has raised Rs 2 crore ($281,000 at contemporary alternate rates) in a seed round from fintech startup incubator Rainmatter, the organization stated in a declaration. Rainmatter, which additionally has a fund, is run by way of stockbroking firm Zerodha.

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Founded in August this 12 months by means of Prateek Singh, Ankush Oberoi, Swati Sharma and Sohail Alam, LearnApp offers subscription-based govt schooling programmes that users can movement on line. The platform pursuits to equip professionals with new age talents through video publications by way of industry leaders, stay interactive lessons and assessment analytics. The company claims that it already has greater than 3,600 subscribers and targets to develop to 10,000 users within the subsequent 4 months.

Singh, who is LearnApp’s chief government, advised TechCircle that the corporation will use the capital to provide movies and enhance its returned-quit era.

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Zerodha chief executive Nithin Kamath stated in a declaration, “We see the potential for LearnApp to define how human beings upskill themselves in finance, commercial enterprise management and technology.”

Some of the programmes on the platform encompass making an investment in mutual budget, trading, task capital, capital markets and so forth. The organisation plans to soon make bigger course services to business control and era. The platform currently has 25 guides which have been produced with the help of executives of monetary corporations and fund homes.

Singh claims that LearnApp receives six hundred new users every month and introduces one new direction each week. It additionally plans to release its upcoming guides in Hindi.

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