FG Launches e-Learning Platform For Public Servants


The federal authorities have launched an e-platform – the Public Service Learning Management System (PSALMS) – for capacity building of the Nigerian public service workforce.

Speaking throughout the release the day gone by in Abuja, administrator of the Public Service Institute of Nigeria (PSIN), Abdul-Ganiyu Obatoyinbo, stated the e-platform, a tripartite partnership with the institute, Nigeria Communications Satellite (NIGCOMSAT) Ltd. And Sawtel Technologies Ltd is for potential building, examination records management, and different several advantages to the Nigerian public carrier.

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Obatoyino mentioned that the platform is populated with over one thousand courses and has the capacity of having 10 million users right now, adding that the institute has also developed e-gaining knowledge of passport to record guides completed by means of an officer, a move that’ll assist display the potential building classes completed by each officer at a look.

“It has the ability to segment publications as may be required through MDA and kingdom governments and also has the capability of having 10 million users straight away. We also are reviewing our curriculum to guarantee public carrier excellence,” he added.

Earlier, the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Mrs. Winifred Oyo-Ita, said the e-platform is aimed toward repositioning the public service for powerful shipping, including that it is consistent with the 2017 – 2020 Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) of the federal authorities.

And the Federal Civil Service Strategy and Implementation Plan on capability building and personal development of public servants.

Oyo-Ita commended the PSIN for demonstrating the dream of remodeling the civil provider from a fee to sales era centers through the PSALMS innovation and urged civil servants to take gain of the innovation to enhance their capacities for the average performance of the public carrier.

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In her comments, the dealing with director of NIGCOMSAT, Ms. Abimbola Alele, said the e-mastering management gadget will shape education resources into curriculum-based totally e-studying publications and programmes that permit customers to engage with the aid people, get hold of immediate remarks and song man or woman scholar improvement, announcing reports can also be evaluated by using supervisors of the officer or the applicable head of department.

Similarly, the leader executive officer of Sawtel Technologies, Mike Amanyi, stated the strength of facts technology in schooling lies in its ability to provide a fee-powerful platform with rich content for attaining out to humans.

Notary publics perform vital fraud-deterrent public services. They notarize files, administer oaths and affirmations, take acknowledgments and act as witnesses. By making use of these offerings, citizens are taking more precautions in opposition to numerous varieties of fraud and protect their personal pastimes.

The Public Trust

Notaries are humans of verified character and integrity who are appointed via the states to act as unbiased witnesses to the signing of important files and transactions, as well as administer oaths, affirmations, and acknowledgments. Once appointed, they end up public officials whose impartiality is vital to their role.

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By performing like a legitimate, impartial and unbiased witness, a public accept as true within those public servants is created. This belief is the premise for fraud-prevention and deterrence. Citizens can relaxation assured that the notary will do the entirety in his or her energy to make sure the files they are signing or the transaction requiring notarization is legitimate and fraud isn’t always being dedicated.

Preventing Fraud

Notaries are very effective at preventing identification fraud, forgery, misrepresentations, and scams. A notary guarantees the integrity of the transaction in lots of methods but clearly requiring notarization is a powerful manner to discourage fraud.

Notaries are successful at fraud deterrence because of the requirements that need to be met so as for something to be notarized. First, the law requires the signer to sign the report in the front of the notary. Notarization will now not be made unless the signer makes a non-public appearance whilst signing.

Secondly, the signer has to provide criminal state or federally issued identification when signing. This makes it harder for imposters to try and get a phony record notarized. The notary also verifies that the signer is aware of what he or she is signing and that it is being accomplished in their own free will and no longer beneath duress. This enables prevent forced transactions from taking vicinity.