EU honors younger PHL essay writers


WORKS of the winners within the “What’s EUr Story?” essay-writing competition were these days published into a book courtesy of the European Union (EU) Delegation, which become launched by way of Ambassador Franz Jessen in a rite.

Jessen stated the Philippines is a unique melting pot of cultures, and that Filipino teenagers without difficulty embody new trends and technologies. Because of these tendencies, the essayists were capable of giving you colorful narratives that reflect the cultures of both Europeans and Filipinos.

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“The power of the written word is large,” Jessen averred, as he recommended the essayists to make higher use of their competencies, as well as help in connecting and strengthening human beings-to-people hyperlinks.

Featured writers have been Salem Rangiris Jr. (grand winner), Hannah Joy Ibarra and Joshua Paguia (winners for college and high school categories, respectively), Joseph Galaura, Marie Sybil Tropicales, Lorenz Dantes Payson, Patricio Dumlao IV, Brynn Jonsson Julia, Serina Mara Alonzo, Marvin del. A. Cruz, Rona Parducho, Natazia Grimes and Jason Occidental.

Rangers, a native resident of Lanao del Sur and a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the Mindanao State University, interestingly mentioned European cuisine and its similarities with Filipino cooking.

The “What’s Eur tale?” essay-writing opposition become opened to Filipino teenagers from 16 to 35 years antique. The tilt recommended them to percentage their narratives associated with the EU that documented their travels, impressions or insights approximately the bloc or any of its member-states.

The grand jurors blanketed Jessen and Filipino literary first-rate F. Sionil Jose. Entries were judged on the basis of substance, content, originality, evaluation, and adherence to the subject matter (65 percentage); common sense, business enterprise and coherence (20 percentage); as well as fashion and presentation (15 percentage).

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