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The evaluation of the Essay Writing competition of the humanities festival completed by author and Kerala Varma College lecturer Deepa Nisanth become canceled, following protests.

Ms. Nisanth turned into currently involved in a plagiarism row.

In an assertion issued here on Sunday, Director of Public Instruction K.V. Mohan Kumar stated that the re-assessment of the Essay Writing (HSS) competition turned into carried out by means of jury member Santhosh Echikkanam.

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The revaluation becomes completed and widespread through the State-stage appeal committee, officials said.
Economics assessment essays often seem like one of the maximum hard assessment additives of the IB Economics program. Students frequently struggle with structuring their critiques and making use of their economic understanding to the question. However, evaluations do not want to be tough and college students often overcomplicate their wondering while writing evaluations. In this guide, we are able to have a look at first, the wrong manner to technique assessment essays and then how to correctly shape an assessment. For this, we will use this question to demonstrate the essay writing manner:

“Evaluate the quantity to which a depreciating exchange fee may also advantage or harm an economic system.”

The wrong way

Many students undertake this approach when writing assessment essays:

  1. Define
  2. Descriptions and evaluation
  3. Evaluate

Evaluation needs to no longer be the “icing at the cake”. Rather, the evaluation should be the cake itself. Writing an economics essay using the above approach can without problems cause the error of describing the whole lot approximately a depreciation and leaving handiest a small a part of the essay for assessment.

The next hassle is that, whilst reading this form of an essay, it’s far doubtful as to what the student is comparing until close to the belief. As the pupil, it’s also smooth to get sidetracked.

Some students the use of this approach may also frequently run out of time and not do any assessment in any respect, in an effort to make incomes even a 6 hard.

Finally, this with this technique, it’s miles difficult to efficaciously address unique forms of economics essays. With the method in this manual, critiques may be tackled nearly systematically because of this that much less thinking time is required, leaving extra precious writing time.

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Note: This technique can work and I’m sure there are college students who’ve scored 7s with this approach. But it’s miles an awful lot greater difficult to examine in case you are surprising with economics reviews. What I propose, is to use a scientific method and structure that can be applied to almost all varieties of essay questions.

The correct manner

First, permit’s consider what assessment sincerely is.

This may be located in most economics mark schemes:

Effective evaluation can be to:

· Consider brief-term versus lengthy-time period consequences

· Examine the effect on distinct stakeholders

· Discuss blessings and drawbacks

· Prioritize the arguments.

The 0.33 description is the only that we endorse as it can fit the widest range of feasible exam questions. Stakeholder and long run versus quick run analyses are frequently subsets of a dialogue of blessings and disadvantages, i.E. The blessings and disadvantages to distinct stakeholders, or within the quick run and longer term. Regardless of the query, there’ll always be blessings and disadvantages. However, there won’t be enough to talk about concerning the brief run as opposed to the long run or concerning diverse stakeholders.

You should prioritize your arguments anyway, listing the maximum vital benefits/risks first.

The method I suggest can be used for nearly all forms of evaluation essays (With some minor tweaks). The key right here is that with practice, you may do opinions nearly systematically, which saves on planning time and keeps your essay focussed.

So, the 5 steps to getting full marks on your economics evaluation essay (Using the blessings and downsides approach):

  1. Define key phrases in the query
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This in all fairness straightforward. The mark scheme awards a few clean marks only for defining the key terminology. It additionally enables to consciousness the essay and for the student to get into “essay writing mode.”

  1. Answer the query in 1-2 sentences

Essentially what this indicates is, summarise the complete essay into 1-2 sentences. This sentence is vital and is designed to awareness your essay. All of your future paragraphs from here will assist this.

It is likewise crucial to demonstrate your aim to evaluate here. Your 1-2 sentence summary must have elements of evaluation – i.E. Useful terms to apply consist of, “it relies upon on” or “there are advantages and downsides” or “there are numerous costs and advantages related” and so on.

This sentence can be pretty indistinct. What’s crucial is rationalization on the route you will take along with your essay.

  1. List and provide an explanation for blessings

Note: For policy alternatives, this could be replaced with “benefits” and for questions in which you are required to evaluate an assertion, actually update this with “arguments assisting the announcement”

The more exact the rationale of the advantage, the fewer blessings you need to speak about and vice versa. Aim for at the least 2 and at maximum 3, although in uncommon times you may only have one gain that you talk in the period.

With practice, you may intuitively exercise session how the duration and element that every advantage needs to be discussed in. Ideally, include one diagram per advantage discussed.

As you turn out to be greater advanced to your essay writing, it’s far regularly beneficial to qualify these advantages as properly. Rather than sincerely writing “One key gain is that the coverage will lessen unemployment,” write “Given that the economic system is likely to be experiencing a deflationary hole, a key benefit of the coverage is that it will assist to bring the economic system toward complete employment.”