Digital Voice Recorder – Amazing Reading Resource for Kids


The University of Miami Myaamia Language Learning Project is an incredible instance of the ways a Digital Voice Recorder can be used with the Sound Stickers App to assist children to learn a language and discover ways to examine. Using audio stickers inside the domestic or in college to help children analyze a language through translating the names of Myaamia objects into English is simply one of the ways the sound stickers may be used.

The University of Miami Myaamia Language-Learning Project

At the University of Miami, the Livescribe virtual voice recorder is used with a pellet and a set of dot paper adhesive-backed audio stickers to teach Myaamia language names of gadgets across the house. The voice recording stickers attached to items to teach the Myaamia language names might also have recorded English equivalents and definitions.The sound stickers also are used to provide language-gaining knowledge of flash cards.

To gain extra facts concerning this novel Sound Stickers Application, achieve the printed labels or the Myaamia Home Learning Kit, please contact Livescribe, Inc or the My aim is Project at Miami

Other Imaginative Uses of an Echo Digital Voice Recorder with Sound Stickers

Suppose you have a World map placing on the wall someplace inside the lecture room or hall and the scholars study it, in addition, to listen to the recording on a sticker representing a country. With an audio sticker affixed to each u. S ., children can honestly listen to the names, the capitals, industries, and even trivia. Doesn’t this sound fun? You can make a map like this come to life just by using the use of an Echo Digital Voice Recorder and the Livescribe Sound Stickers Application.

How this Digital Voice Recorder Learning Resource Operates

The manner this Livescribe Digital Voice Recording Smartpen works isn’t always that complicated. It digitally statistics sounds in a manner just like a teacher talking into the microphone of an MP3 recorder and participant. The largest distinction is the reality that the recording device is a pen. It operates like a real pen only it could capture sounds and document handwriting and drawing on the equal time.

With a virtual sound recorder, many students in standard school, who want a few help with their schoolwork, can definitely document their school room instructions to play returned later in the day or at home at night time. They can replay their classes slowly and more than one times to enhance studying comprehension.


Foreign language inexperienced persons can advantage significantly from using a virtual sound recorder just like the Livescribe Echo Smartpen to file conversations and lecture room lectures. Audio recording stickers are outstanding for assisting students practice new vocabulary. One way many college students can exercise vocabulary for the week is to write down a vocabulary word on every sticker and document the word pronunciation and definition. The sound stickers are adhesive-subsidized so the new phrases for every week can be listed on a chart or phrase wall. A Sticker recording commands could offer tips or clues to add amusing as a pupil practices. Livescribe Sound Stickers App can do many extra revolutionary things than play back classroom lessons.

Innovative Uses of Livescribe Sound Stickers for Learning to Read

With the Sound Stickers, App downloaded in your smartpen, you may file the sounds and transfer them to the Livescribe Sound Stickers. You can then take the stickers and location them on items across the house that youngsters have now not found out to translate and they are able to play the audio back actually translating to English, saying the word and gambling lower back the definition. Remember, the audio is being digitally recorded. Have no fear, due to the fact the fine of the audio could be very clean.recorder

Stop to assume that youngsters of simple-college age can analyze greater effectively in laugh surroundings. Now do no longer take this to intend there must now not be field included in this gaining knowledge of because that might cause problems. Instead, coaching should be authentic, particular and fun whilst keeping the eye of the kids. These audio recorded stickers permit for plenty revolutionary makes use of a good way to capture and maintain the attention and interest of children.

As an instance, you may make interactive flash cards a good way to speak to the children and this will grow their skills to examine. Record stickers about well-known males and females from in the course of records. On a Word Wall, the scholar can faucet a recorded sticky label to have a well-known discern of history talk to a pupil growing a memorable and greater non-public history lesson.

You can think up greater in-depth getting to know aids like attaching a recorded sticker to the cover of a “Talking Storybook ” to tell the story or describe the book. Better yet you can upload a recorded audio sticky label to pages of the Talking Storybook to “read” the page contents to a toddler. You can even file feels like a lion roaring to add amusing for the children.

The traditional storybook combines illustrations with words. This aggregate has been pretty successful inside the beyond, however now you can substantially enhance on this idea for studying analyzing. You could make analyzing lots easier and extra fun with interactive Sound Stickers. The student can exercise reading first via checking the dictionary phrases for the ebook first after which pay attention to the recorded Sticker that reads the whole web page.

When the study alongside sticker is tapped, the sticker will “study” the contents of the page more slowly, sounding out phrases. The audio facilitates the younger kids observe along and say the words, that could improve their reading competencies. As kids read alongside, the youngsters improve now not handiest their studying abilities however also their comprehension abilities in a smooth, short style.

The more you can get the children engaged in their learning for essential school, the simpler they’ll learn something problem is being taught. The kids now not only examine simpler though, they also analyze faster. It is certainly this simple.

The Audio Recorded Stickers provide an easy learning resource that offers wonderful results in learning studying. Boring and tedious are counterproductive phrases as a ways as instructional results, specifically when it comes to a mastering application directed at children in simple school. With the Echo Digital Voice Recorder, you can see why instructors and students are locating the Livescribe Sound Stickers App to be an exceptional useful resource for youngsters learning a foreign language and gaining knowledge of to examine.