Cancer, Ancient Atomic Mathematics and the Science-Art of Quantum Biology

October 22, 2018

As is usually recognized, the pursuit of happiness perfect became fused into the fundamental layout of the Constitution of the US of America. Surprisingly, no person appears to recognize why and the way that took place. Scholars knew it had something to do with a message from historical Egypt’s ‘Eye of Horus’, depicted at the top of a pyramid as part of the Great Seal of America. They additionally knew that this all-seeing eye message has been related to the paintings of the Greek mathematician, Pythagoras, who had studied political ethics in historical Egypt.

Quantum Biology


Some idea that the message might relate to a happiness of acquiring wealth via mechanical industrialization. However, the discovery of quantum biology throughout the twenty-first Century demonstrated that a much greater potential wealth exists within new technology capable of harnessing the formerly unknown herbal houses of carbon, belonging to human life bureaucracy. The antique acquisition of wealth, derived from a mechanical mindset, is now properly acknowledged as being the reason for a future unsustainable carcinogenic life on planet Earth. Within Science-Art research, humanity has an innate non-mechanical association with Einstein’s protege, David Bohm’s holographic universe.


Gilead Sciences

The first Science-Art discovery of a holographic living force happened overdue within the 20th Century and took place by means of reuniting science with inventive feelings. This unification caused the invention of new physics legal guidelines governing ultimate seashell growth and development via space-time. These physics legal guidelines seem to belong to the ancient mathematics governing the political ethics embedded into the ‘pursuit of happiness’ idea. The world’s largest technological Institute, IEEE in Washington, reprinted this medical breakthrough as one of the crucial optics discoveries of the twentieth Century, putting it along such names as Louis Pasteur and Sir Francis Crick.

This ancient occasion becomes fused into quantum biology research concept, by way of the recipients of the 2010 Gorgio Napolitano Medal, offered on behalf of the Republic of Italy for their quantum biological physics and chemistry discoveries. The 2d discovery becomes that some artists in the course of history had unconsciously depicted hidden stereoscopic, holographic photos, in their artwork. While new technology has developed countless fractal logic strategies to fabricate such images, prevailing science stays absolutely oblivious to the reality that the human thoughts can create them. This is one instance of the mathematician, Cantor’s observation, that the mindset of modern-day science is inhibited via an unnatural fear of infinity, denying Newton’s first principles of creative gravitational force through substituting the foolish falling apple myth in its vicinity.

In order to offer a brief definition of this thrilling, but very controversial story, a historical explanation seems to be warranted. Pythagoras’ research changed into a precursor to the Platonic sub culture of historical Greek mathematical culture. That subculture fused further ethical standards into Egyptian moral atomic arithmetic, with the intention to invent ethical technological know-how for the duration of the third Century BC. The Egyptian arithmetic becomes the reason of sacred geometry inside invisible atoms, to make tiny seeds from which sorts of life all through the universe emerged. During the Egyptian Second Kingdom, their sacred geometrical common sense, regarding justice, compassion and mercy, were fused into political regulation, and later copied through other civilizations, to legalize the development of hospitals and policies of being concerned for the aged.

The founding fathers of the flawed American Democratic system of politics tried to set up a greater ethical, medical, political machine from ancient Greek technology. However, the Christian Church, all through the 4th Century AD, had declared the pagan arithmetic to be the paintings of the Devil. Saint Augustine had incorrectly translated the belongings of unformed chaos within the atom, as being the evil of woman sexuality. He associated the arithmetic with the mechanistic worship of Ishtar, the Babylonian Goddess of prostitution and struggle. However, this turned into not the mathematics that the Great Library of Alexandria become developing at the time. Nonetheless, it’s Science-Art scrolls had been destroyed via rioting Christian enthusiasts.

Quantum computing

The linking of the Egyptian pursuit of happiness idea to quantum organic most cancers studies, in the course of the twenty-first Century, became simply expected by the mathematician, Georg Cantor. Born in 1845, Cantor advanced his countless mathematical theories from the historical Greek moral technology, derived from earlier Egyptian atomic arithmetic. His paintings are now simple to fashionable medical technology. However, Cantor’s capacity to intuit the future discovery of Mandelbrot’s countless fractal common sense embraced thoughts that triumphing Christian orientated science, reveals absolutely incomprehensible.


Cantor knew that Aristotle turned into a significant figure inside the Platonic sub culture of philosophy and investigated the mathematical concept upholding his research into the pursuit of happiness concept. Aristotle had connected the pursuit of happiness to a destiny technological know-how, to guide ennobling government for the health of the universe. This idea turned into glaringly approximately a destiny medical technological know-how, the use of sacred geometrical logical ideas, past the constraints of our prevailing technological know-how, which considers that the most effective generic electricity in lifestyles flows from warm to bloodless. Cantor saw that the residing technique prolonged to infinity, in contradiction to this commonplace heat loss of life idea, which condemns all lifestyles to eventual extinction. This accepted heat dying sentence has become scientifically irrevocable after Charles Darwin used it as the idea of his evolutionary idea. Later, Einstein declared that this entropic regulation governed all elements of technology, together with political, economic and clinical.

When the framers of the American Constitution attempted to carry Aristotle’s political imaginative and prescient into the fact they described the moral concept of liberty incorrectly. Liberty embracing the pursuit of happiness within a scientific science for usual fitness become assumed to obey Sir Isaac Newton’s emotionless laws governing the workings of his mechanical universe. The Founding Fathers, unaware of Newton’s greater herbal, the profound theory of gravitation, erroneously primarily based the concept of liberty handiest upon his mechanical description of the universe. Newton posted his little-known theory at the chance of being burnt alive by way of order of the Church. He insisted that gravitational force became a non-mechanical spiritual pressure evolving emotional awareness within a limitless universe. As an end result of publishing that opinion, he changed into held by way of the Church to be criminally insane and suffered a mental breakdown for which he becomes hospitalized.

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Newton became maximum in all likelihood conscious that his contemporary, the truth seeker of technological know-how, Giordano Bruno, had been imprisoned by the Church in Rome, tortured, then burnt alive for teaching approximately the moral Greek technology at Oxford University. Newton’s posted heretical gravitational idea became featured in his twenty-eighth Query Discussions within the second edition of his well-known magazine, Opticks, as every body can without difficulty verify. Also, his unpublished Heresy Papers and copies of his non-public letters, written throughout the height of his genius, show that Newton was now not insane whilst he posted his on secular concept of gravity. Newton maximum truly did now not accept as true with that truth become governed by means of the functioning of a clockwork universe, as cutting-edge quantum mechanics science had incorrectly assumed.

The Romantic generation, from approximately 1800 to 1850, consisted of an inventive, literary and philosophical motion, which erroneously condemned Newton for promoting useless theories of technology. The movement becomes ignorant that his first physics principles absolutely related gravity with the dwelling manner, derived from historical Greek Platonic science. William Blake, the poet, and artist, in conjunction with other precept figures of the Romantic technology, held Newton in contempt. They had no longer realized that Immanuel Kant, 1724-1804, one of the most influential philosophers of science inside the records of Western philosophy, had given electromagnetic houses to Newton’s idea of emotional gravitational pressure. They had been also blind to the clinical insights of the poet, Alexander Pope, who have been substantially praised with the aid of Kant for his know-how of historic Greek philosophy.

Alexander Pope is taken into consideration one of the finest English poets of the eighteenth century. His famous ‘Essay on Man’ consisted of 4 components. The first Epistle, become about guy’s location inside the universe; Epistle II, turned into worried with the individual character; Epistle III related to the guy inside human society governed through political systems; and Epistle IV with the political best of the pursuit of happiness.

Alexander Pope’s concept of an ethical countless customary reason may be visible to be like minded to Newton’s concept of gravitational pressure, evolving moral emotional focus inside a countless universe. Einstein modified Newton’s principle of light and later altered it to present more credence to Newton’s authentic concept. Some scholars have taken into consideration that Alexander Pope’s linking of Newton’s idea of mild to a countless ethical motive, from the angle of Kantian pure common sense, explains why Immanuel Kant considered Alexander Pope to be a first-rate genius. Pope’s ideas have been widely known to the leaders of the electromagnetic Golden Age of Danish Science.


In 2002, Harvard University and Massachusetts University held a worldwide symposium to inform the world of the social significance of the message of the electromagnetic Danish Golden Age of Science. They cited that its important message had been written frequently in Danish and no longer translated, making it invisible to English talking scholarship. However, Immanuel Kant, the main persona of that Golden Age, had written that the English poet, Alexander Pope, had given the historic Greek theories a creative expression. The discoverer of the electromagnetic subject, Hans Christian Oersted and his colleague, Friedrich Schelling, have been additionally precept figures of the Golden Age. Their personal Science-Art theories gave credence to Newton’s first concepts, important for the healthy and moral evolution of humanity. Their theories had been related to Alexander Pope’s development of a similar idea.

Georg Cantor’s mathematical logic condemned the idea that everyone exists within the universe must be destroyed after its warmness had radiated away into the bloodless area. This familiar heat demise law, in reality, contradicted his discovery of mathematical infinity, which he had connected to the evolution of life. His paintings, attacked with the aid of among the Global’s main mathematicians, led to his end that the scientific mind becomes inhabited by means of a primitive, myopic worry of infinity. The technique to this emotionally disturbing, carcinogenic scenario may be effortlessly received within the light of superior quantum biology cancer studies. But it calls for an extra profound expertise approximately Aristotle’s idea of a clinical science had to manual ennobling authorities.