Black Education – Bill Cosby, Thank You


Recently, The Kennedy Center honored Bill Fortricks Cosby, giving him the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Chris Rock made a comic story about being able to feel identical in the presence of United States of America song legend Willie Nelson; however, while inside the presence of Bill Cosby, Rock stated that Cosby allowed him to know that Cosby had become the elder and deserving of commiserating recognize. My thoughts need to have processed something about having seen this clip because I awoke with a revelation about Bill Cosby, what he seems to represent to black education and black people, and why he appears continuously to get into hassle with us.

Let me explain.

First, I have to talk about Dr. Carter G. Woodson, the daddy of Black History Month. He began Negro History Week, looking to set up a way of life, ensuring that black human beings could desire to study more approximately themselves. The trouble is that one of the many records books he wrote is now being broadly read — The Mis-Education of the Negro, written in 1933. This e-book was a reaction to what co-founder of the NAACP and Renaissance guy Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois called “the proficient 10th.”


According to Du Bois, the gifted tenth, the pinnacle ten percent of educated black human beings, could lead the rest of the race to liberation from the tyranny and impunity of American lynching, race riots, segregation, and discrimination. Today, members of the proficient tenth, like Cosby, represent not liberation but assimilation. Since black people nevertheless are trying to find liberation, especially from police brutality and murder, imprisonment, and now, the ever-encroaching white backlash for the Obama Administration, Woodson’s The Mis-Education of the Negro has resurfaced.

Any cursory look at Western textbooks from Woodson’s term, 1933, could show what Woodson says without problems. Woodson’s e-book posits that Western training becomes designed mainly to elevate the white race as best to all races and ruin all other cultures, labeling them as inferior with a unique emphasis on the black race. This emphasis is shown inside The Terrible — modifying the complete contribution to the world of black humans out of all texts. In Western training, Woodson says, blacks are simplest started to “show” black “inferiority.” Although, nowadays, special efforts to say black humans and other peoples of color are made, their contributions to world improvement, mainly the ones of Africans, are not referred to, or they’re now not placed in their proper contexts.

Dr. Woodson endorsed that black humans look at themselves first, after which they examine others. He recommended approaches to heal the injuries of this forget-about and miss-schooling. Also, he prophesied what could happen if black people persevered to examine Western schooling without first growing expertise, not simply as Americans but as Africans.


Bill Cosby seems to symbolize the miseducated Negro, thoroughly learned in Western education with little regard for the shortage of African records in training. As stated earlier, Cosby can be categorized as a member of the gifted 10th. Instead of that institution’s main black human beings to liberation, many blacks consider that the talented tenth has merely led themselves to the financial institutions, white neighborhoods, and high-degree positions in white-dominated fields. “Is this all the progress we will assume?” some ask.

Although Cosby and his wife have donated thousands and thousands of greenbacks to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, they appear to epitomize a growing separation inside the black community that Woodson warned in opposition to. The Cosbys were portrayed via the media as a couple who conformed to Western society (the society that enslaved their ancestors). They followed its requirements as best as humanity could offer. I do not consider that the Cosby see themselves this way, but they promote Western training without stipulation.

What is the harm of this?

I met a young black man at the bus stop at my place of birth, Shreveport, LA. The city council had just surpassed a regulation against sporting sagging pants in public. The younger guy on the route turned into sagging, so I asked his notion about the law. He brushed off me until I told him that I opposed legislating one’s manner of dress.

He agreed with me and defined his disapproval of creating regulation in opposition to someone’s freedom of self-expression. Knowing that this young man is deliberately defying the regulation, which is followed in the course of the administration of the primary black mayor, I talked about that amongst all of the other states, Louisiana had the best percentage of its population in jail, comprised overwhelmingly of black people. During our exchange, the younger man told me he desired to be a medical doctor. Immediately, I thought to myself that unless he conformed to society’s requirements, which seemed not likely, his dream would never come authentic.

The inconsistencies of this young guy induced me exceptional grief. It could be spotless for a younger guy like him to emerge in jail. Although he becomes glaringly intelligent enough to become a medical doctor, he appears ignorant of why he adopted the sagging tradition in the first region. He seemed to care more about defying a law that limited his non-public freedom. Also, he was unconcerned about the outcomes of defying that law. Finally, and most importantly, he seemed unaware of the total devastation Louisiana crook law should deliver to a young man, including himself. Remember the Jena Six? An unpaid price tag and a bit of mindset ought to easily snowball into existence imprisonment.

The difficulty of confirming or assimilating into the white way of life became hot when Woodson wrote The Mis-schooling of the Negro. One could say that Bill and Camille Cosby are portions that might assist in making the difficult results of the proficient 10th clearer. Ronald Reagan’s trickle-down economic coverage did not work for him. Similarly, the trickle-down liberation coverage of Du Bois has no longer labored for black humans. It has brought about separation, abandonment, and the barren fruit of hopelessness. This imagery is even greater while viewing the conformity of President and Mrs. Barack Obama. Their assistance to the black community is more oblique and implied than fact.

Bill Cosby

So, what’s the answer to this nenever-endingebate about black schooling? Do we rant and rave about the talented tenth? No longer. It is not suitable, anyway. We have a good time with them as a superb and noble experiment. They constitute an idea that has been tested and discovered.

Thank you, Bill and Camille Cosby. Thank you, Barack and Michelle Obama. Thank you to all black people who have contributed greatly to the call of the USA of America.

Now, allow us to go back to the drawing board and not just study; however, take a look at Dr. Carter G. Woodson’s The Mis-training of the Negro. Let us put African history again into its proper area – at the beginning of humanity and civilization.