Bad News: Baseball Has Problems – Good News: All Solutions Are Known And Available


Field of Dreams, the delusion film, had a mysterious voice pronouncing, “If you build it – he’ll come.” “Shoeless” Joe Jackson would go back together with his proficient buddies to expose fans to how his technology played baseball. Sorry, Joe ain’t coming lower back. Instead, we had been warned by using Hall of Fame experts at every degree of the Game during the last half-century, how they feared it was falling into disrepair. Hitter-Ted Williams, Pitcher-Bob Feller, Manager-Earl Weaver, General Manager- Branch Rickey, and Owner-Bill Veeck, along with many others, wrote books, articles and have been quoted approximately their issues. College Baseball Hall of Fame coaches Skip Bertman – LSU, and Ron Fraser – UofM, the academics, taught us in print and utilizing the photograph away to employ the right techniques. What this kind of guy brought to components of the Game they lived and cherished continues to be applied these days. Their warnings and commands have been now not needed. The dumbing-down continues. Like Elvis, commonplace sense has left the building.

The solutions for many modern issues, on and rancid the fields of Major League Baseball, were acknowledged for over a hundred years. How MLB implements play, merchandising, and presentation of our National Pastime is what it’s miles – beyond time to rethink and redirect their efforts to gain, not damage, the Game’s rich records and future progress. There aren’t any unknowns. NONE! Everything has been visible and executed earlier.


As expected by the specialists, questions were raised approximately what is now going on. Find solutions, with CHARTS, to suggest where we were YESTERDAY, is TODAY, and must be TOMORROW. Baseball’s numbers are what they’re, data. Facts are stubborn matters.

There are many factors to discuss, together with the All-Star Game, Playoffs, World Series, Designated Hitter, and Saves, to name some. Reviewed are the guidelines, assumptions, suppositions, and definitions dominating ultra-modern Game. Let us not forget about the years spent willfully, painfully, ignoring the use of steroids.

What’s occurring accessible?

· MLB teams are immersed in a deadly disease of strikeouts, which have expanded for 12 consecutive years. At the present day rate, 2017 will be the 13th directly 12 months, and the AL average in step with a crew will exceed 1300 for the first time.

Unwritten Rule #1: Don’t assume something! · Players have forgotten, or in no way discovered, some of the right strategies of base going for walks and fielding. Most baserunners run difficult handiest whilst deemed vital; are constantly seeking out the ball as they’re going for walks; take awful leads off the bases, especially 1st base; and repeatedly violate the unwritten rules that have been popular all the time.

The infielder’s largest fault is that they may always be accomplishing out to tag runners instead of taking the glove and ball without delay to the bottom on every feasible occasion and allowing the runners to tag themselves out. Again, 1st base is the largest hassle because the first-basemen role themselves whilst protecting runners on, making it harder to take their gloves to the base on choose-offs from the pitcher. The primary purpose they every so often prevail is that the runner’s leads are so horrific.

· Batters evidently don’t exercise the abilities needed to defeat the drastic protecting infield shifts presently being hired. Managers have let bunting slowly, clearly, cross the way of the dodo cook, partly because their batters have never discovered the how, while, and in which, the art of the bunt to make it a useful weapon.

· All concerned have attached a very foreign mindset to all aspects of pitching. The suppositions and definitions that pervade pitching have succeeded in reducing expectancies to stages that might never have been generic by way of previous generations.


· The forty-four-year experiment of the Designated Hitter has did not supply the expected advanced offensive production. Check the Stats. In addition, having 1/2 of the teams gambling the same sport, the usage of exceptional Rules is, on its face, non-effective. That’s possibly why no different leagues in any sport might ever entertain the concept. The DH must be discarded at the earliest possible moment.

· MLB is constantly complaining about the duration of their games and has carried out numerous Rule changes to hurry them up. Unfortunately, they’ve now not allowed their umpires to enforce all Rules currently on the books strictly. Until they do, there may be no appreciable change in the pace of games.

· MLB also desires to take a hard study of how their games are televised. The dominant view is from behind the pitcher showing just the pitcher and catcher on protection, plus the batter and umpire. There are 7 extra defensive fielders. How are they placed to guard the modern-day batter, and if there are runners on base, what are they doing on the pitch? The nice view for a baseball game is from in the back of the plate, this is why those tickets cost more, and the scorekeeper, broadcast crews, different media, and owners watch from there. The TV viewer must be capable of seeing the whole lot they see – as it happens – now, not from replays.


The problems regarding those in the play sector can and need to be addressed, from young people leagues on up through the Minor Leagues, before arriving inside the Major Leagues. The evidence is in – they aren’t. The problems from the front office to the pinnacle of the management pyramid also have tough paintings in advance to repair self-assurance that the Game is headed in the proper direction and gift it in a manner that attracts, not discourages future fanatics.

Many have drawn their own conclusions approximately what will be defined because of the Dead Brain Era. Agree, or disagree. Fine! You may also have your own questions or better solutions to the ones being requested. Great! There’s an oft-repeated commentary about baseball nowadays, “That’s just the way they do matters now.” That “now” manner is real, is inaccurate, and nobody cares. It is incorrect. Worse, no one cares that nobody cares. If it matters to you, nowadays, of social media, there are numerous methods the powers in rate can be inspired to exchange route. It might not be smooth; however, please, let them recognize your opinions. They count numbers!