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Torn between profession options after school, uncertain of 1’s judgment, or groping inside the darkish approximately the road ahead… the ninth version of The Hindu Edge Career Guidance Sessions presented by way of Chinmaya University addressed many such worries of Plus Two students inside the metropolis on Wednesday.

The programme, held at Alakapuri Auditorium, Edapazhanji, noticed college students from six faculties turn up for periods that would equip them to make informed profession picks — now not only options in the front of them however also the right motives to cause them to and the way to move about it.

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P. Prakash, District Police Chief (Thiruvananthapuram City), who inaugurated the programme, stated these days’ generation turned into fortunate to have formal profession steerage, unlike the time when he changed into a higher secondary faculty pupil. He shared with them his career trajectory and urged them to make the proper choices at the right time.

Pursue your passion
Career alternatives have to be made on what one’s pastimes were, and not what parents wanted or buddies were pursuing. It was vital to believe in oneself, work hard, and continue to be inspired. One also had to have open thoughts and pay attention to and learn from humans. Mistakes had been sure to manifest, however one should take the opportunities to accurate oneself, he said.

Love for what one did, finding challenges, and the yen to do something for society have been the components for a success career, he said.

B. Ashok, Registrar, Chinmaya University, who spoke on ‘The motive of better studying’ advised the scholars to stay lifelong novices. Massive open online courses allowed them to check in for full-fledged publications inside the first-class institutions around the arena. Developing important questioning was vital, instead of simply reproducing what one has been taught.

Fr. Thomas Puthussery, Director of Darsana Academy, spoke on the NEET/AIIMS/JIPMER/IIT front examination patterns over time. Vijay Menon, Strategy and Human Development Partner to Fortune 500 organizations, spoke of how ambition and aspiration helped one reach ways. Constructive thinking also deserved the price. Choosing the proper pastimes such as analyzing would help in the end, Mr. Menon said.

The versatility of the Civil Services was what Gris Hikdas, Director of Alchemy IAS, spoke about.

Nancy Binu, Director, Santa Monica Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd., briefed the students on the wide educational possibilities overseas and the holistic improvement of students who opted for them.

Vinod Chandran of the Logic School of Management dwelt at the rising developments in commerce and accounting. Apart from Thiruvananthapuram, the career guidance programme is being held in Kottayam, Kochi, Thrissur, and Kozhikode in the following weeks.

Chinmaya University is the supplying sponsor of the event, that is powered by using Logic and co-powered by way of Alchemy IAS. Darsana Academy is the know-how accomplice and Santa Monica Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd. The distant places observe companion. The programme is an initiative with the aid of THEME.

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It would possibly look strange however it is a reality that your appears or appearance does have an effect on your profession or career…It does (To an volume) impacts the selection or rejection of your candidature. You may argue that it’s the information and experience of the candidate this is critical and I agree with you. It is knowledge and experience this is essential and that is the way it ought to be.

You may have read that during closing election Tony Blair spent close to five million kilos on his beauty parlor…No he appears and appearance. Similar became the difficulty raised in the USA over the last election while Hillary Clinton’s opponent talked about her beauty surgical procedure. It is a widely recognized truth the individuals who appearance desirable get a mileage and that they do absolutely properly of their profession … Examine to folks that are not that top searching. Yes, exceptions are there.

What does it mean?

When we talk approximately looks and appearance, what does it mean? It has nothing to do together with your skin color or coloration of your hairs and eyes. It approaches how presentable you’re…Your appeal. Nobody is concerned approximately your height, weight or waist-line however you should look wholesome. You need to appearance easy.

The definition or parameters of seems and appearance differs from profession to career and industry to enterprise. Like for a sports activities individual, looks or bodily functions hardly ever make any difference but for a version, for a front office government, it’s far crucial. In different professions, it is an added advantage however it affects. For example in income, it is crucial to get sales…To complete the target but top looking human beings get a bonus of having an early appointment with the consumer than no longer so appropriate searching people.

Then, what approximately understanding and enjoy? It would possibly sound sarcastic however it is authentic and logical that to recognize your revel in I must get your profile. To realize your expertise, I must interact with you…I must communicate to you. But, to observe you…To take a look at your appearance…I don’t want your permission or I do not want to have interaction with you. Who does not need excellent searching human beings in his team? Who doesn’t love to interact with precise searching people? So friends, to a volume we get bias, even earlier than taking an interview, just by looking at the candidate. Good searching human beings get more possibilities to show his or her well worth than now not so excellent looking person.

A Proof

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According to a Survey finished through Virgin Management Consultancy in Asia, European Countries, Australia and USA,

1. Attractive people earn more than unattractive people;

2. Looks have an effect on men as plenty as they do ladies;

three. Tall men, however now not tall ladies, earn notably extra than their colleagues;

four. Unattractive people, earn significantly much less than their colleagues.

The penalty for unattractiveness is around -15% for guys and -eleven% for ladies. That manner, if average male profits are 60,000 USD Per Annum then an in any other case equal male who is unattractive will earn just 51,000 USD Per Annum, a penalty of 9,000.

Tall human beings earn greater than quick human beings.

This pay hole is 10% for men and 5% for girls. Only guys benefit from being tall. They earn around five% more than others.

Women who’re overweight are penalized earning five% much less, but overweight guys are not.

The results are full-size however their importance varies between jobs and kind of industry.

The advantages of being tall or the charges of being unattractive are most effective seen in ‘white-collar’ jobs. For girls, the penalty for unattractiveness is finest in clerical/secretarial occupations (-15% penalty).

These effects imply that prejudice can be more in a few jobs than others. Consumer prejudice may be critical here making the outcomes of look extra in jobs involving face-to-face contact, especially those that contain selling. Here a few components of look are specially important.

Attractive or tall men in income jobs earn extra than other people (+thirteen% and +25% respectively). For ladies, being tall is also an asset (+15%).

So, wherein is your enjoyment, your knowledge and your ability to do your work efficaciously?

Your capacity to do the process is the most effective one factor of what is being assessed all through the interview. People are happier and more productive in the event that they just like the human beings they paintings with. Most people will spend extra time with our paintings colleagues than we do with our pals and cherished ones.