A New Science-Art Solution to the Global Information


The ethical evolutionary boom and improvement of the human condition are extremely complicated. The assignment of advancing human evolution entails the popularity of past clinical errors and acting accordingly. Modern technological know-how has categorized itself as an incurable carcinogenic country leading to sure extinction and that isn’t moral.

Global Information


Ancient Greek technological know-how alternatively, knew of the extinction of lifestyles forms from fossil evidence and invented an atomic science, particularly so that civilization could not emerge as extinct. During the third century BC, Plato’s Academy definitely known as it the Science for ethical ends. At the Epicurean University, the ethical atomic first precept logic carried out to the motion of the moon influencing the lady cycle by means of resonating with the atoms related to girl fertility. This resonance turned into held to explain a mom’s love and compassion for kids and belonged to the Science of commonplace love. Its teachers have been called Saviours, saving civilization from the detrimental properties of the unformed count of chaos emerging from the atom, as envisaged via Plato and Philo.

The look for first precept common sense, mainly regarding the actual nature of carcinogenic boom and development, is of paramount importance. Under those instances, the popularity of scientific errors requires an exacting re-examining of historic technological know-how itself. While related intuitive spiritual ideas are very relevant, it is able to be considered to be demeaning to go away them tied up in knots of unfathomable complexity as opposed to attaining an extra astute understanding of our dedication to them.


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Scientific geniuses representing age old clinical wondering, associated with the negative assets of unformed depend (nuclear detonation) rising from in the atom to wreck civilization, existed. They covered Plato; the father of ethical clinical studies within the Western World, Philo; who connected Greek science to Hebrew subculture, and Al-Haytham; the Islamic father of optics. Isaac Newton, a religious Christian, posted that the ancient Greek first motive principle logic explained gravitational pressure successfully. He argued that it become a pretentious mistake to preserve that the mass of items in the area caused gravity (see Newton’s 28th Query Discussions). Plato, Philo, and Al-Haytham stated that through growing a technological know-how based totally upon the concept of all understanding being derived from the senses, mainly from imaginative and prescient, could reason the unfavourable property of unformed remember to emerge from in the atom to smash civilization.

The widespread global nonsecular reluctance to analyze such profound essential medical mistakes is preventing statistics and conversation research into advancing human civilization in an ethical, non-carcinogenic direction. The result of this is the worldwide epidemic, concerning the contagious outcomes of medical dysfunctional conversation and records.

It is swiftly turning into common knowledge that American scientific epidemiologists, appointed via the Government of the United States of America to protect the fitness and well-being of communities, have diagnosed an uncontrollable virus-like dysfunctional 3D worldwide epidemic. Scholars have posted this is is an emotional manipulate epidemic, transmitted through the mass production of records and conversation gadgets. They have acknowledged that a good way to the carry out their epidemiology duties, the high-quality that can be carried out is to try to mitigate the damage that the virus-like epidemic is inflicting.

The strain of the current global statistics and conversation 3D epidemic echoes the shape of the mathematical cause programmed inside poker machines to bring about bankruptcy if constantly performed. Scientists are now afflicted with a heroin-like dependancy, main to both moral and economic bankruptcy, and have come to be obsessively committed to usually play the global company income game, that’s their proud badge of dysfunctional excellence. This unlucky scenario may be remedied if their exceptional studies are synergized with new residing data logic.

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The inability of scientists to the application a laptop to generate appropriate human survival simulations with the intention to remedy actual evolutionary problems is particularly exasperating. In 1979, China’s most notably provided scientist, Hun Huang, educated in Scotland, provided Australian most cancers researchers with the method to the application a pc to generate 50 million years of wholesome seashell evolution through space-time. Mainstream arithmetic, missing first principle logic, should handiest generate deformed or carcinogenic futuristic existence-form simulations. The use of first precept mathematics to generate top-quality growth and improvement representing the life of a lifestyles-pressure became verified.


The simulations precisely matched fossilized mathematical seashell evolutionary increase and development. Likewise, the fossil file of humanoid sphenoid bone evolution exists to allow an identical methodology to acquire a human survival blueprint as opposed to a seashell one. Even if we stay locked into the existing extinction attitude, such blueprint evidence might buy us valuable time to harmonize mechanistic science with living clinical logic. Therefore, providing antidote know-how regarding the existing dysfunctional 3-d epidemic, is a essential issue.

The Australian team’s discovery became posted by Italy’s leading science magazine, Il Nuovo Cimento. In 1990 the arena’s leading technological research institute, IEEE, reprinted it as an critical discovery, listed along such names as Louis Pasteur and Sir Francis Crick. The present carcinogenic attitude sentences all lifestyles to extinction in preference to allowing it to evolve towards infinity. Therefore, it follows that an examination of our incomplete science, to find important first precept legal guidelines governing the human evolution of living statistics and conversation, is warranted.

Politicians can currently best react to the reality of problems through appearing upon their emotional responses to medical recommendation given to them based upon the dysfunctional three-D conversation and facts epidemic. Scientists, technologists and politicians are at gift emotionally denied the need to enter applicable human survival statistics right into a pc application to generate realistic solutions. The scientist, Kun Huang, fully found out this case whilst he furnished the Australian researchers with the technique to attain an alternative line of reasoning to help result in a balanced clinical mindset.

We realize from released records belonging to the Manhattan Project that historic geometrical common sense was astute sufficient to intuit the existence of nuclear detrimental chaos. A moral argument existed applicable to the making of the atomic bomb before Nazi Germany did. However, nobody concept approximately growing the Omni-era manifestly associated with the historic ethical human survival technology. Logical reasoning at that time meant that the scientific records and communication had to win the Second World War had to cause extra entropic chaos than that of the enemy. As a result, worldwide information and communique era is set irresponsible and brief sighted corporate profit inside the form of a dysfunctional worldwide epidemic.

Da Vinci, Descartes, Sir Francic 1st baron Beaverbrook and Einstein were simply happy to provide human vision a prime role in the evolution of technological know-how’s understanding of truth and this has become the idea of a mechanistic science with out first precept living good judgment. When the sperm and egg unite to create human existence the eye does no longer exist and therefore can’t be the seat of all knowledge. Therefore, present day technological know-how, through ignoring this reality, divorced itself from reasoning about the important first precept statistics associated with the evolutionary act of theory.

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A excessive decision picture of the geometrical form of the human cellular approximately to divide exists, displaying that it’s far an countless fractal expression of reality. Its geometrical electromagnetic form does no longer permit the contemporary three-D information epidemic to be transmitted to the new mobile. That technological rejection manifestly includes antidote information relating to the winning mechanistic epidemic sold about by means of the inflow of dysfunctional communique and statistics devices. The epidemiologists are becoming conscious that the switch of residing information at some point of mobile department does now not obey our gift knowledge of information and communication.

The philosopher of moral science, Immanuel Kant, who laid down the muse of the electromagnetic Golden Age of Danish Science, taken into consideration that the primary principle common sense for ethical evolution was an “asymmetrical electromagnetic” internal vision within the creative inventive mind. As a deeply non secular character he cited it because it God’s moral purpose for perpetual peace on the earth. As cited at the beginning of this text, intuitive on secular beliefs are applicable and it could be considered to be demeaning to leave them tied up in knots of unfathomable complexity. Kant’s asymmetrical electromagnetic inner vision viewing glasses surely came into life in 2003, allowing us to make Salvador Dali’s intuitive stereoscopic evolutionary inventive theories, visible for the first time to the majority.


Modern quantum biology most cancers research has noted that healthy information flows within the contrary course to the energies of entropic chaos, apparently entangling with it to conform time-honored attention. Within his e book, Utopia or Oblivion, Buckminster Fuller presumed that the merging of mechanical science with humanitarian science could be finished through a new human survival creative perspective. Using asymmetrical electromagnetic 3-d glasses to view copies of paintings over the centuries, it could be determined that during the twenty first Century artists have begun to unconsciously paint very dramatic 3-D pictures into their work. This certainly going on evolutionary intuitive ability contrasts with the synthetic three-D virus-like epidemic proliferated by the mass manufacturing of dysfunctional conversation and records devices. The waft of Kantian healthful ethical facts flowing within the opposite course to the dysfunctional virus is a reflect photo of it. That is pertinent to the discarded nineteenth Century linguistic coloration belief theories belonging to the English Prime Minister, William Gladstone and the truth seeker of Science, Wolfgang von Goethe during the Great Darwinian Debate.

The Architect and Coordinator of QUAGI-Quantum Art Group International, the artist Roberto Denti, in collaboration with prize-triumphing quantum biologists helped to fuse the Australian Science-Art discoveries into Italian quantum biology’s idea of the twenty first Century Renaissance. Several international magazines recorded the birth-date of that Renaissance as being the 24th of September, 2010, when Denti’s colleagues, Professor Massimo Pregnolato and Professor Paolo Manzelli, have been awarded the Giorgio Napolitano Medal on behalf of the Republic of Italy, for his or her quantum biology research discoveries.

In 2012 the scientist Guy Deutscher’s e-book of the 12 months, Through the Language Glass, upgraded nineteenth Century linguistic colour perception principle into a new superior neurological technology. The work harmonized into the first principle cancer research theories of the Australian linguistic shade research and resonated with the studies performed via Roberto Denti and his colleagues. A precise twist of fate had passed off. In 1988, the science writer for the Australian Medical Observer, Dr Calvin Miller, wrote a characteristic article for that eminent journal, primarily based on his research of the Australian first precept good judgment theories. He predicted that they may properly come to be the basis of a New Renaissance. Roberto Denti and his inventive colleagues, expressed their Science-Art 21st Century Renaissance theories absolutely inside the new neurological language. It can now be discovered that they have been unconsciously painting in extraordinarily vibrant 3-D imagery, now relevant to finding an antidote to the artificial 3-d science-artwork epidemic.

Massimo Pregnolato is one of the international’s most exceptionally awarded professors of medical chemistry. His studies association with the artist Roberto Denti is recorded on the internet surrounded by art work and colored scientific illustrations. When considered thru asymmetrical electromagnetic 3D glasses they depict brilliant representations of Immanuel Kant and Emmanuel Levinas’ internal artistic imaginative and prescient of futuristic moral truth. In quantum biology cancer research this internal imaginative and prescient facts flows inside the contrary path to the 3-D records/verbal exchange epidemic bringing about heroin-like illusionary inner imaginative and prescient addictions associated with an anticipation of poker system-like monetary gain.

The clearly taking place unconscious evolutionary development of inner stereoscopic imaginative and prescient is a visible demonstration of Salvador Dali’s overwhelming intuition that his paintings contained a stereoscopic message of a complicated futuristic science. Dali’s intuition brushed off Descartes’ first principle “I assume therefore I am” mathematical truism in favor of Sigmund Freud’s first precept good judgment primarily based upon the “pleasure of existence”. For those wanting to create and love kids, Freud’s first precept axiom may want to properly study, “we preference and think, consequently we are able to be”.